Have I Mentioned How Much I Crave My Brother’s Cream Pie

Have I mentioned how much I  crave my brother’s cream pie? Well, I do and frankly, I can’t get enough of it. As a matter of fact, I’m totally hung over and full of cum this evening, and it’s all my big brother’s fault. Earlier Josh was all, “Hey, let’s go out clubbing.” so we went out and we both ended up drunk off our asses, fairly quickly and we ended up being dropped off by a taxi at my house. Neither of us was ready to end the party, so I got us some beers out of the fridge. We sat on the couch drinking and Josh was channel surfing when he came across the SKIN-A-MAX channel.

He stopped it and we watched as a blonde woman with big fake tits bounced up and down wildly, on a guy who looked like her teacher or something. It was one of the worst porno films I’ve ever seen, she was so bad with her cries and facial expressions and he even had a fucking toilet seat outlined on his ass; it was horrible. I don’t think she’s ever had good sex in her life, if that’s how she thought we were supposed to act, that or she couldn’t act to save her life. I knew I could most certainly do better than that and I wouldn’t have to fake it either!

We watched now out of curiosity for a few more minutes, as the blonde rode that cock and made these loud, fake groans.

Josh and I instinctively turned towards one another, so we could laugh at her, but then noticed him staring at the screen, with his hand in his lap. He was kneading his dick through his jeans and I couldn’t believe that this bad porno was actually turning him on. I watched him for a minute and it was kind of hot seeing my big brother jerking his dick in front of me and not caring about it, I mean it’s not like we haven’t fucked around before. As I stated before I love my brother’s cream pie! Anyway, I put my hand on top of his and he looked at me, knowing instantly what time it was.

“You don’t actually think this is good, do you?” I asked and continued to move his hand over his dick. He shrugged and I bit the corner of my lip as I said, “Oh you loser! It can be so much better than that and you know it.” He looked at me, as I took my hand off his now throbbing cock and undid his jeans. I reached in and took his dick out, then pushed myself up to my knees. I lifted my dress and took my panties off, then settled back down. Then I put my hand on his dick and stroked it as I looked right in the eyes. “Do you want to keep watching that or do you want me?” I asked and he pulled me onto his lap.

I straddled him and held him steady, as I lowered myself on him.

He filled me inch by glorious inch and I kept going until I had all of him in me and then started to ride him. I couldn’t wait to feel his cream pie deep inside of my tight little pussy! My breasts pushed into his face every time I moved up and he put his hands on my ass, holding me tight. His fingers dug into my cheeks, as he moved me faster on him and I could feel his breath on my neck, as I bounced on him. His dick rubbed along my walls and I moaned, letting him hear what a real moan sounds like and I just went faster. I clenched my pussy around his shaft and he groaned as he pushed up into me.

I braced myself on his shoulders and rode his dick until my throbbing aching pussy was killing me. Felt my body tense and sharp tingles went through me and I started to cum all over his cock, but that wasn’t the best part. I kept riding him and…well, you know what to do! Of course, you know that he came, but you don’t know those kinky details and I want to give you those and more. For mind-blowing incest phone sex, just give me a call and let’s play!

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