Craigslist sex calls – Quick and so rewarding.

Does summer ever end in South Florida? It seems like it is still 90 degrees every day. Combine that with the heat of some of my Craigslist sex calls, and I think I need a Gatorade! I seriously think if I’m not sweating, my pussy is dripping, and I can’t seem to hydrate enough. So, one day, I was looking around Craigslist per usual and decided to try a new type of ad,  looking for a submissive to spoil me on this particular sex call. Now I love my fiancé, and he loves dominating me, but sometimes it’s nice to have a pet of my own.
I wasn’t surprised at how many guys responded. Some wanted to give me money for Craigslist sex, no matter what kind, some wanted me to crush their balls with my heels, and some wanted me to lead them around on a leash. All those ideas made me hot, and made my cunt that much wetter but I decided I wanted someone to put some moisture back in there and just devour me!
I picked a few ads, replied with pictures of me and waited. It sure didn’t take long, and I had my Craigslist sex choice. An old friend once told me that guys with small cocks eat the best pussy, so I picked the smallest one and invited him over. I told him I had to be home to get any phone sex calls.

He came over right on time.

He wasn’t too bad-looking, but a little overweight, and had a nice goatee. Not the type of guy I would date, but this wasn’t about dating. I was wearing a sexy micro-dress that barely held my 32G tits in and didn’t cover my full, round ass, and I wasn’t wearing a bra or knickers. When I opened the door, his eyes went wide. Spinning as I closed the door and he was almost drooling. I reminded him this was all about me, and if he didn’t get me off he wouldn’t see me again.
I led him into the kitchen and hopped up onto the counter. The windows were all open and I wondered if my neighbor was watching. My new pet didn’t waste any time. He popped my tits out and started playing with them. First, he sucked and pinched, and then twisted my rock hard nipples. I was loving it, and then he pushed me to lay back.
I did and he spread my legs wide. He kissed and bit down the inside of both thighs. By the time he reached my pussy it was sopping wet. Then he teased it by licking me up and down. I grabbed his hair and forced him to me. Then he took a finger, put in my pussy and curled it backward. My sexy Craigslist sex lover knew what he was doing and I asked for more. This was the hottest Craigslist sex call I have ever had! He then put a second in me and curled it, but the 3rd he reached for my cervix. Then with his tongue, he attacked my clit. He sucked it into his mouth and flicked it with his tongue. Between the inside and outside stimulation, it didn’t take me long to cum, and…

I held his face there as I squirted hard.

As I calmed down, he didn’t stop. He shifted his face and stuck his tongue in my ass. I scooted so he could get to it easier, and soon he used my own juices to stick a finger in my ass, and then went back to my clit. I bucked back and told him “More.” He then put another finger in my ass and a couple from his other hand in my pussy. His thumb played with my clit, and again, after a short while of fucking his fingers, I came hard and drenched him.
He helped me up, and I playfully licked his fingers and face. I could tell he was hoping for more. My foot felt his crotch, and I could feel how small he was. Hopping down, I took him by the hand and led him to the door. I gave him a kiss on the cheek, thanked him, and sent him away. I told him to expect a phone sex call soon, and just then my phone rang, so I closed the door and decided to take this call in the pool so I didn’t lose any more moisture!
You gotta love Craigslist sex!