I decided to go back home and surprise my Daddy Β with a visit.

Wanted to tell him about my straight a’s in Physics.

Surprise him with my knowledge!

Tell him I was going to graduate with honors from college.

When I got there I looked for him around the farm.

I didn’t find him in the house, so I headed to the barn.

When I opened the door I could not believe my eyes!

My pooch Reggie was fucking his tight little brown eye!

I screamed and yelled all out of shock!

I decided to make Daddy take something bigger than a little doggie cock.

Feeling like my Daddy was a big fat liar.

I took that big fat squash,

Made Daddy squeal three octaves higher!

That squash stretched his asshole wider and wider.

Stop playing cowboy Daddy with your violating ass!

You are now my sissy boy,

Now lay on your fucking back!

Sissy Daddy is what I shall call you.

You poor little puppy slut,

Now I own you!

Jerk your pathetic cock!

Let me and this squash help you get your rocks off!

The cum in this squash is now your butter.

You are going to eat that shit and ask for another!