The COVID-19 sex cure is your ONLY hope and LAST defense against being stuck as an awful, boring, ugly man.

Your best chance for surviving the present global pandemic is undergoing a COVID-19 sex cure. A phone sex cure is now available to the general male public. Unfortunately, it is more vaccine than an antidote for males already infected. Thanks to the combined genius of pro-domme researchers and gynarchist scientists, this preventative measure is finally lab-approved JUST for you. That is, it’s safe for inferior (i.e., male, semi-) “human” use.

Let’s start our XXX fun as a role play, shall we? Maybe your panic started when you realized you were out of toilet paper. Or better yet, me pretending to be out of toilet paper. You’re so gullible and such low-hanging fruit. It doesn’t even occur to you that I am lying.

I could give the most half-assed rendition of a “damsel in distress” routine, and you’d bite, hook line and sinker. God, you’re a sucker. I’m relieved you’re so easy to fool, though.

What I’m about to do to you is for your own good.

Are you going to feign being upset once you wake up from your chloroform nap? Cry me a river. Haven’t you ever heard of deceit and guile?

Again, it is merely out of selflessness I am making you my COVID-19 sex cure guinea pig. And out of the noble pursuit of furthering scientific knowledge. You’re familiar with progress, yes? Using your body, playing Goddess with your life is my manifest Mistress destiny.

The method and reasoning behind it are quite simple. Perhaps even a chronic masturbating dimwit like you might manage to comprehend. Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, data has shown higher infection rates in men. And men are dying at much higher rates not just in the U.S., but worldwide. In New York City, men are dying at twice the rate of women.

Your best hope for surviving is to undergo genetic sex reassignment surgery.

There are both cultural and biological reasons, of course, for men’s disproportionate fatality rates. Socialization-wise, there’s the foul reality that men are filthy. Men often don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom. And even if they do run water briefly, their “cleaning” job is anything but thorough. Biologically, men are deficient as far as the chromosomal richness women possess. Men lack a second X chromosome, thus making them genetically weaker. Studies show X chromosomes improve the ability to fight off infection and overall immune response. In other words: a Y chromosome is worthless, just like males.

Biological? Cultural? Both? In my professional medical opinion, the (uninteresting) “facts” behind these male mortality figures are tomato FUCKING tomato. Don’t worry. I won’t let you succumb to coronavirus without a “fight.” You would’ve been more vulnerable and likely have withered away anyway. Why not at least donate your body to female supremacist science?

Once I’ve taken control of you, it’s not like you’ll have a choice anyway.

And even if you somehow resisted, your testosterone goes away as you age anyway. If you were to age, that is. Do you really want to gamble with your (male, i.e., pointless, empty) “life” like that? I can only imagine what kind of “cure” a closet queen like might “invent.” Probably something is revolving around slurping down obscene amounts of other men’s cum. Other bigger and blacker men’s cum, of course. Ugh. You’re so predictable. And guess what? ALL your nasty hypotheses are wrong.

The COVID-19 sex cure is still in the beta testing phase. You are our first specimen. I’m so excited as I strap you onto the chromosome de-capacitor machine belt. My sadistic grin spreads wider as you scream. I watch, listen to you beg me to let you go until the feminization tunnel finally muffles your frenzied howling.

Our device uses state-of-the-art castration technology. Once so time-consuming and labor-intensive, forced feminization is now automated. The COVID-19 sex cure was the logical, inevitable (albeit controversial) conclusion to years of sissy cuckold feminization clinical trials.

Sometimes the cure IS worse than the disease.

Honestly, I’m not sure if you’ll emerge as a shemale or some kind of sex mutant. But even popping out as some kind of genderless freak? Well, that would be a VAST improvement over life as a man. Especially while in these times of pandemic.

And after you’ve received the COVID-19 sex cure, you may experience side effects. Symptoms of your various comorbid conditions will likely fade, e.g., your degenerative case of pussy envy.

In times of quarantine, non-emergency medical fetish phone sex simply won’t do. Viruses spread exponentially, especially COVID-19. Time to consult a professional.