Cousins are typically people you’ve known your whole life.

Cousins have seen you at your worst and they love you anyway. That’s why lately I’ve been fantasizing about fucking my cousin, Chris. He has always been very handsome and charming, even when we were kids. These days he’s grown into such a sexy, tall drink of water.

I find myself making excuses to hang out with him more and more. I even sleep over at his apartment once in a while, after a night of drinking and partying. Know it’s wrong, but a big part of me wants to climb into his bed, pull out his cock and start riding it. I find myself staring at the bulge in his pants. Watching for the shifts. Waiting.

And then one day, after a sex drought of three days, I was desperate, I went over to my cousin’s house after working out. I told him the shower’s at the gym were broken and I needed to use his shower before driving home. I took in all the eye candy I needed from him and then went upstairs to take a shower and masturbate. And lo and behold, I’m not the only one wanting to fuck their cousins.

So I’m in the shower masturbating, hoping he’ll come in, and who do I see looking at me through the open door? My fucking cousin. The perv came to stare at me through the open door. When I noticed him, he immediately went red, turned, and went to leave. Wet or not, I jumped out of the shower and went after him. I grabbed a towel off the wall before going into the bedroom and stopped him before he left the room.

After a few questions, it turns out we had both been perving on each other for a while. And then we fucked. It was hot. Hotter than it had any right being. It seems that the bathrooms at my gym are going to be broken for a while.

Taboo Phone Sex!