Dear Cousin, Please Watch While I Play!

We got our tent set up and the fire going within an hour of making it to the waterfall. We were having a fun get away with all of our cousins for the weekend. It was the first time we’d all been in the same state in a few years. My cousin Mike had always been super friendly and someone I loved to hang out with. We shared some pretty funny memories from when we were kids. There were a few times that I caught him looking up my skirts when I was playing or trying to sit super close, but never thought much of it.


After everything was set up and dinner made, I went over to the waterfall to wash the hiking sweat off of me. I was in my bikini, standing under the water when I felt eyes on me. I thought maybe it was a few of my female cousins coming to rinse off as well; but I was terribly wrong. I looked over at the edge of the water and I could see Mike standing there watching.

I could see his ever-growing erection as he watched me rinse myself off. I decided it was finally time to give him a show. I reached behind myself and untied my top. I let it fall to the ground as I ran my hands over my tits. Then I undid my bottoms and let them fall off as well. I saw Mike reach into his pants and start to jerk on his cock.

I ran my hands down towards my pussy and started to finger my clit. I continued to give him a show while I was under the water. After 5 minutes or so of me touching myself, I could feel my core reaching that climax I was seeking. I started to rub faster and harder as I let out a loud moan. I came hard onto my hand. As I did so I looked at Mike and let him see how intense my release was. He arched his hips forward and made a very nice, wet spot on his pants.

I wanted to play with him more that weekend but we never had alone time. Every night we found ourselves touching and cumming while the other watched.

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