Cousin sex stories – Sara lets her cousin feel her up

Cousin sex stories – yeah, I have a few. I had a cute older cousin named Ryan. I was 15 when I got to take a trip to Iowa to visit his family all by myself. Took a bus and my Aunt and Uncle met me at the train station.

While we drove to their house, we caught up on and made small talk.  They both commented on how I was growing up. I got a little embarrassed when my aunt asked me if I started my period yet. Am I wearing a bra now? I politely answered my Aunt’s questions. Families can be so embarrassing!

When we got to the house, my three cousins were hanging out in the front. All three boys were taller, It was well over a year since we saw each other. Ryan was the oldest. At 17 he looked pretty hot. He looked at me and smiled.

“I think you look really good, Sara.” He said. “You do too, Ryan. You got tall!” I responded.

After dinner, the younger boys asked if we could all sleep outside in their tents out in the backyard. Thier parents said we could, so after dinner, we grabbed loads of snacks, flashlights and sleeping bags.

There were two small pup tents, so we had to decide who was sleeping where. The younger boys both wanted to share a tent with me. Ryan said since he was oldest he would share my tent. I was pretty relieved. I secretly wanted to get close to him.

We took our sleeping bags into the tiny tents. I got into my bag and slid my pants off. I kept my panties and t-shirt on. Ryan also got into his bag. “Good Night, Sara.” He said. We both tried to sleep without touching. I was so excited listening to him breathe and smelling him so close. I rubbed my legs together imagining him touching me. Finally, I felt him ease closer to me. He wrapped his arms around my little body. I could feel his hardening cock grinding against me. I told him to unzip his bag and I crawled inside. Then I let him rub against my panties until he came on my thigh.

“Thank you” He whispered. I slept in his arms with his cum on my panties, dripping down my leg. We never spoke about our little sleeping bag encounter again.

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