Have you been waiting to hear some steamy, naughty, cousin sex stories?

Maybe you have written a few cousin sex stories of your own and are looking for an opportunity to live out your fantasies? Well lucky for you, I am a kinky phone sex slut and I have lots of true confessions to share with you. Growing up a bad girl who loved sex, it didn’t take me long to fuck my cousin…  in fact, he was the first guy to fuck me in the ass! (Make sure to check out parts one and two of my naughty tell all.)

When we left off, I had commanded him to fuck me in the ass. I have always been a dominant woman, even as a teenage girl. I wanted to try something new and after seeing his beautiful cock, I knew exactly where I wanted him to put it.

Of course, he was ecstatic, fucking a teenager in the ass is every guy’s dream.

I could feel him spit on my tight ass as I spread my cheeks apart, waiting for that fat head to be popped in. He teased my hole with the head of his cock, rubbing it up and down my crack until he finally started to push it in.

It was SO TIGHT, he immediately let out a groan as he slowly pushed the head of his cock in. It hurt so good, I let out a moan too, feeling him stretch me open. Taking his time to slide his shaft all the way in, I began to bounce on his cock a little. Working his dick with my tight ass.

The more I started to work that dick, the better it felt. I played with my little clit and told him to fuck me faster. He listened to my every command while I braced myself against a tree. I remember praying to God that my mom wouldn’t find me with my cousin balls deep in my slutty little ass. 

I don’t think he had ever been fucked that good before.

It didn’t take him long before he said he was ready to blow. Bouncing even harder and faster on his cock, grinding on him.”Hold me by the hips, fuck me harder and blow your load inside of me! I wanna feel you cum!” and he immediately burst. I could feel that warm hot sticky cum spurting inside of me and it was so hot.

He ripped his dick out and I reached back to feel the cum oozing from my ass. There was so much of it! I love a man with a big load. Reaching back, I swirled my fingers around in my cream pie and then licked my hands.

I turned around and forced him to his knees. “Now it’s your turn to make me cum, eat my pussy,” I said with a devilish smile…



I hope you enjoyed this rendition of cousin sex stories. 🙂


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