I grew up in a rural area. There weren’t many people living close to us. My family and our relatives lived “across the fields” from each other, so the people you saw the most were close relatives. There were a lot of cousin sex stories that took place!

I am going to share one this cousin sex story with you and I hope you enjoy the dirty fun we had. The two cousins that were closest to me, Devin and Travis, lived about a half mile away. We would ride our bikes together and then when we were older our 4-wheelers. One day we were out riding and went down by the river. It was a gorgeous sunny day and a perfect place for more threesome sex stories to be added to my list.


We got off our 4-wheelers and were playing in the shallow water got wet and hot all at the same time. The boys called me over to a cabin that folks used for camping. It was empty this day. Inside the cabin was simple with just a pallet bed. The boys started kissing me and we all undressed.

I grabbed a blanket from the pallet and put it on the floor. The three of us laid down together. As we adventured over each other’s bodies we all got very turned on. I had a hold of both their cocks and they were both fingering me. I then started sucking on their cocks and they started kissing each other. Oh readers, you know I love bi-sexual boys playing with each other and more history to lead to GILF phone sex!

Then as I was sucking on Devin’s dick, his brother went around to my pussy. He stuck his huge penis in and I was in Heaven! Once we all came we rested for a minute and then I asked Devin to suck Travis’ cock for me and he complied. Then I told them to “69” so they could suck each other off. I played with their asses while they suck each other. Then I said I wanted to see them fuck. What an incredible cousin sex story playing out!


They willingly agreed and got into position. Since Travis had fucked me we decided that Devin should fuck Travis. I got his dick all lubed up with saliva and guided him into his brother’s ass. Travis cried out in pain at first but as Devin opened him up he started to grind against him. I was eating Devin’s ass as he fucked Travis and playing with myself. Travis and Devin started to really get into it and were moaning so much. I knew they were close to coming, so I got down and sucked on Travis. Within no time we all came again!

We agreed to keep it to ourselves and over the years continued to have fun and make more cousin sex stories!

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