Do you enjoy cousin sex stories?  I hope you get off to this dirty summer tale!

Cousin sex stories are definitely in the realm of taboo, but sometimes things just happen!  I have a very small family and we never see our distant relatives.  Here’s a little story about what happened one summer at a very rare family reunion.

I had just graduated from high school and was enjoying my summer before college when my mother informed me we were going to a family reunion.  I was livid, I didn’t want to waste what little time I had left with strange family members.  There was no getting out of it.  It was a camping trip, I begrudgingly packed my bags.  I wouldn’t know anyone and I would be bored out of my mind.

When we got to the campground we all met at the pavilion.

I was introduced to dozens of people I had never met, distant relations from all over the country.  After meeting everyone I snuck away to smoke a cigarette.  I went into the woods, so my parents wouldn’t harp on me.  In the bushes I stumbled on a young man, he was also smoking.  He was really attractive and we hit it off right away.  I thought that maybe this trip wouldn’t be so bad.  He asked what I was at the campground for, I explained the whole family reunion.  He shocked me by saying he was there for the reunion as well.

Why did this cool, funny guy have to be related to me? We figured out we were distant cousins through marriage, we joked about not really being related.

Later that night we stole some beers from the celebration and snuck away.  We drank, joked, and just had a wonderful time.  The more we drank, the more touchy we became.  We were sitting very close, our thighs were touching.  It was very hot, so I was just wearing my bikini top and shorts, he was shirtless.  Before I could stop it, we were kissing and his hands were untying my top.  I stopped him before anything really happened, I said we couldn’t and ran to my tent.

I got to my tent and took off my clothes, it was so hot.

Was feeling so sexually frustrated and just wanted to pass out.  Then I heard the zipper of my tent being pulled down, it was him.  I knew I wouldn’t stop him this time.  We started making out, touching each other all over.  I was a virgin and would stay that way, but we took turns going down on one another. I sucked his cock and his balls until he came in my mouth, I swallowed that hot cum.  He ate my pussy until my whole body was shuddering.  I came so hard, it was difficult to stay silent.  He snuck out before morning.  We spent the rest of the weekend sneaking off and enjoying ourselves.

I guess incest can be really fun!

Call me and divulge your cousin sex stories, let’s have the best phone sex!

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