You want to hear my nasty, raunchy cousin sex stories, don’t you?

Who hasn’t cum up with some filthy, taboo cousin sex stories — at least in their (perverted) mind? Around the time I started masturbating was also when I had my first crush. The mostly lust kind of crush, that is. And guess who it was on? Not one of my little schoolmates. Not on a boy band icon. It was on my oldest boy cousin, Jack.

I was probably in 6th grade. It was the most awkward, dweeby stage of puberty for me. None of my “peers” in Catholic grade school really did it for my blossoming libido, unfortunately. Masturbating was something I’d started experimenting with, just barely.

But I remember the first time I came. It was at a family reunion while fantasizing about my oldest (boy) cousin, who made my dorky middle school heart (and something else) go pitter-patter.

I remember the hot waves of some bizarre new sensation that would wash over me whenever he was around, and especially when we were alone together.

What was this strange new sensation?? I had no control over it. And it made me want to rub my young, virgin pussy against something . . . hard.

After one of the most sweltering, muggy days of our summertime gathering, I remember lying awake and feeling that tingly, new feeling more than ever before. Little did I know my not-even-teenage self was consumed by inaugural (and very taboo, kinky) desire. Sexual desire. Sexual desire for Jack, my tall, handsome and four years older boy cousin.

Jack was my favorite cousin, of course. And I really, really wanted to be his favorite cousin, too. I remember him playing Für Elise for all 50 or so of our family there one afternoon and wishing, praying for his nimble, dextrous fingers inside my hungry, awakened cunt as I sat there, rapt.

I still think of Jack during my incest phonesex calls. He’s still my favorite cousin (not to mention the hottest one), so why the fuck not?

Let’s have incest phone sex that makes all our family fun, taboo dreams cum true. Or maybe we can reenact some real cousin sex stories from your own “archive”??