Sweet Adriana Loves Cousin Incest In The Morning

Cousin incest has always been my favorite. I mean, if you think about it, cousins might be the first people we hang out that aren’t siblings. I admit it, while I was growing up I had a huge crush on my older cousin. I knew I turned him on too. I would walk around in tiny little skirts just to get his attention. Believe me, I did. It wasn’t till one morning while I was sleeping over at his place and we were alone that I took a chance.

I woke up around 8:30 am and when I did I realized I was completely alone. My aunt and uncle had gone to work and one of my cousins had gone to the country club. I didn’t even bothered to put on anything. I was wearing only cute little panties and a tee. I looked around only to find the other one of my cousins fast asleep in his bed. That is when I so knew I had to climb on him and wake him up with the best treat. My tight little young pussy.

I straddled him, and as I was grinding right on him I felt his cock get really hard. I took off my panties and before he woke up I hopped on his face. I straddled it for a bit. He was a heavy sleeper so I just kept my pussy really close to his face. I could feel his breath right on bare smooth pussy. Once I sat on his face he woke up. He freaked out but that sweet smell of young ripe pussy just put in him a trance. He ate my pussy so good I came a few minutes later.

Once I was soaking wet, he bent me over. I must say, my cousin loves our morning incest treat.


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