My cousin is an adorable person. Additionally, he is one of my favorite people and I am going to give him some cousin feminization. It is time to help him embrace his inner girl.

His name is Jensen and he is, and always has been a bit different. Furthermore, a lot of people tease and pick on him. Therefore, I do my best to be his protector.  As a tough teen hottie, I kick some butt.

I can tell he is hiding a sissy boy inside there. Therefore, we are going to work on his transition. He is going to be so happy with his new persona. And, I have some surprises for him too.

After some cousin feminization, Jensen will be much happier.

He lets me call him Jenny. Additionally, we have been discussing his preference for guys. I know and have known for some time that he was checking out my boyfriends.

First, we are going to the mall for some lingerie shopping. I know he loves pretty things as he has been playing with my sexy stuff for years. In fact, I have caught him in them many times.

That is how I know he needs my cousin feminization time. I am teaching him how to walk and act like a true sissy. He is already great at sashaying. His girlie wiggle is there.

Not all my feminization assisting is gentle like Jenny’s.

Derek, my kinky maid, was in need of some forced feminization. Of course, I am happy to help him become the sissy slut he is. In fact, I invite over friends to break in Derek.

Similarly, I am planning a fun surprise for Jenny too. I am inviting over a few of my friends that love sexy sissy boys. Jenny has never acted out her attraction for guys but now she can.

I have to tell you, I am getting wet just thinking about the cousin feminization surprise. Of course, we still have some shopping to do. Jenny is ready for some sexy dresses.

I love her openness to try this new persona!

Back at my place and we are dolling her all up. She is wearing beautiful lingerie. And, the designer silk thigh-high stockings as well. Her legs are smoking hot and her ass is tight and firm.

I love watching her dancing in the mirror. She is loving this new look and sissy boy persona. Just then, the doorbell rings. Jenny is nervous and ready for our guests.

Of course, I have her wait to make an entrance after her cousin feminization. The guys are sitting in my living room as Jenny sashays in. All of them are watching with excitement.

And, I see some cocks rising to the occasion in those pants, they love her cousin feminization results.

They are all chatting for a bit and the boys ask Jenny if she is wearing sexy lingerie. “Of course,” she says to them. They want to see it. She looks at me and I nod to do a sexy strip-tease for them.

As she starts stripping, they can no longer wait to play with her after her. Additionally, they stand up and start exploring her body with their mouths and hands. Jenny is exploring them as well.

Soon, they all move to the floor as Jenny is undressing our male guests. Her cousin feminization is a hit and she is loving her first interaction with guys. She starts sucking those hard dicks.

Of course, the fun is just getting started and my tight teen pussy is dripping wet. Curious to know all they did with her. Call me for some amazing fetish phone sex!