Couples massage can be both therapeutic and very erotic at the same time.

Couples massage don’t always end in happy endings, but when they do they can be explosive! My boyfriend booked a couples massage for the two of us for next Saturday. He is treating me because I turn thirty-two on Sunday and I deserve it for being such a great girl!


When you really get to know me, you’ll come to realize that I love a good massage more than almost anything. I’m like a kitten: I love to be stroked and petted. Those who know me best will agree with that sentiment. They would also add I also have claws like a kitten. But, that’s a story for another day!

The massage my man booked for us is at a very exclusive spa here in Miami, that happens to also deal in happy endings. These aren’t offered to just any client. You’ve got be quite generous in your tipping and very courteous in your dealings with the staff. We’ve been going to this spa for a couple years now.

I’m looking forward to being spoiled all week long, starting tomorrow. I must confess though: I’ve been so turned on by the idea of us both getting happy endings together! I can’t stop masturbating and thinking about it. Imagining how good it will feel to have a stranger’s hands on my body.

An erotic massage is an art form and I do so appreciate art.

I can’t wait for our bodies to get covered in warm oil and have strong hands massage all the stress and fatigue from our muscles. Pussy massage is my absolute favorite thing in the world and this spa is known for giving great pussy rubs.

I love the idea of looking over at my man and watching someone else bring him to orgasm with an expert’s touch. Just thinking about it has me so wet in the pussy. My panties are soaked!

Next Saturday, after our massage, I’ll write a post orgasm blog about what a great time we had. Look forward to it!

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