Get Ready for Some Particularly Nasty Cougar Sex Stories!

So, who loves cougar sex stories?  I think we all do in a twisted way!  Rather than brush the issue under the carpet, I’d rather talk about this in a positive light.  We all have things that turn us on so much like mommy sex stories, college sex stories, or cuckold sex stories.   There are also those people who secretly denounce something on the outside, but yearn for it under the surface.

That’s why we call them fantasies and desires.  There are also some of us who have taken our desires to the next level by actually indulging in some experimentation and fun.  Some of these experiences have shaped who we are and have become as sexy individuals.  These stories have made us all the better for having tasted something different.

As I have stated a few times, I have four other siblings who drive me absolutely nutty. However, I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.  My younger brother Jason was a regular horn dog.  I guess we all were and still are horn dogs.  His hormones were through the roof as a teen.  He was always masturbating under the covers while we watched TV.  I loved looking at his cock as it stuck up in the covers.

Likewise, I had seen my brother’s cock before!

I could definitely tell that Jason had a big fat juicy cock.  Nevertheless, I know I was so jealous of anyone who would touch it or suck on it.  They would for sure be one lucky bitch.  He had a girlfriend whom I was especially jealous of named Lauren.  She was a blonde girl who always loved to use my hairbrush when she would come over.  I think she did it just to piss me off.  I would find my makeup missing or moved.  Lauren definitely knew it pushed my buttons.  Lauren’s secret wish was to become a permanent fixture in my brother’s life.  My family was very affluent and we didn’t want too much.

As much joy as Lauren gave to my brother he had a secret under the surface that he only confessed to me after coming home one day.  It was one hot summer day.  I remember it was stormy outside.  My brother looked so hot when he came in the rain dripping from his thick hair.  He always looked handsome.

Well, I never expected a cougar sex stories confession.  I asked Jason where he had been all afternoon.  I had assumed he was with the bitch.  Okay, I know very bad nickname to call someone, but I really didn’t like her.  Jason sat down and told me all about Amber.  Amber was an older lady he had met down the street.  She had just moved into the neighborhood.

Amber was a redhead with big tits, a curvy waist, and sensuous full lips.  I loved how she would swing her hips when she walked.  Amber was admired by guys and hated by some girls.  There was nothing wrong with flaunting your assets.  It certainly got her everything she ever wanted.

So then, it started innocently enough!

Everything starts off that way, doesn’t it?  My brother had been there at the right time.  He had come over to help her with a project and she broke down and confessed her loneliness.   She hadn’t needed anyone to clean her yard at all.  Amber was simply horny after her divorce.

So one thing led to another.  They started to kiss.  He kissed her passionately forgetting he had another bitch at home.  I was becoming so hot listening to this story.  Next, she undressed Jason until he was only in his boxers.  He stripped this hot cougar until she was in her bra and panties.  Her body was as hot as he had fantasized.

Jason was frustrated at his girlfriend for not giving him anything after their dates.  He was going to get the ultimate revenge on her.  Finally, she took him into bed where he ate that pussy and she teased his cock until he almost came. He was ready to pound that hot cougar pussy.  He had fantasized about a mommy figure for so long.

That cunning vixen pulled back and told Jason she wanted him to finger, eat, and suck her until she was ready for a pounding.  All he wanted was to fuck her raw.

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