Cuddle Up for Mommy Sex Stories!

Everyone has mommy sex stories they fondly remember.  Hey, admit it sometimes we just need our mommies.  For me growing up, when I was feeling horny, I always gravitated towards my favorite incest sex story!   I had just as many fantasies about my mommy as my daddy.  Would you like to slip under the covers with mommy right now as I tell you this story?

I’m sure I have told many of you I grew up in a large family.  What can I say, my mommy loved having sex and still does.  Often, my mom and dad could be heard fucking in their bedroom.  I think my daddy loved to get my mommy pregnant.  Just the act of putting that sperm deep inside her womb would be enough to keep him coming back for more in hopes of planting that seed.    That’s for another story for another day.

On one of those rainy days when my brother and I cuddled up together, we would have our deepest talks.  Trevor and I loved cuddling under a blanket and watching movies.  Sometimes we’d talk or touch each other under the covers.  My brother had such a hard cock that I loved to wrap my sexy hands around it.

Trevor confessed that mommy had been having fun with him a few times a week.  Sometimes she would slip into his room after she finished with dad.  My hand was wrapped around Trevor’s cock as he told me this story.  I gripped his dick hard as the surprise appeared transparent in my eyes.  I wanted to know Trevor’s sexy stories.

Mommy had always favored my oldest brother!

You could tell in everything Mom did for him.  Trevor got the best of everything, got the first pick for dinners, and the movie for the night just to name a few things.  It was safe to say Trevor was not only the oldest son but extremely spoiled.

The whole thing seemed like a dream.  Trevor would awaken from his sleep very happy.  One day Trevor awoke and mommy was in the bed with him.  She put her fingers to her lips telling Trevor not to make any sound.  Mommy started by touching Trevor on his chest and tracing her fingers down his stomach.  Mommy had such tiny fingers, so gentle and naughty.

How was Mommy doing this?  She took her son’s hands and told him to touch his penis by rubbing it nicely.  Trevor looked over and saw Mommy was touching herself the same way over her panties.

Spreading his legs Mommy took the chance to let her fingers explore her son. 

Mommy found just what she was looking for.  She caressed his cock through his underwear.  His little penis twitched in response.  The covers were moved as Mommy dove under to remove his underwear and take his little weenie into her mouth.  Trevor cried out in surprise.

Trevor could feel mommy’s lips sucking and tugging on his young smooth cock.  Mommy loved the taste of his smooth little penis.  She massaged his little balls.  Was mommy magic?  He could feel a good tingly feeling as if he wanted more and more.  Oh, Trevor knew from that time on he would do anything for Mommy as long as she touched him this way.

You could say from that day on, Trevor became his new little boy toy.  I smiled and wondered were all those sounds really mommy and daddy after all?  I snuggled into my brother and settled in for a movie and some hot fun.

What are your favorite mommy sex stories?  Sometimes we just need our mommies.  Call me for the hottest mommy phone sex.


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