If you’ve ever had sex with an older woman you know the difference between a MILF and a young silly bitch. Those young bitches only think of themselves and what they want. They don’t how to tease you right and squeeze you good, baby. Only a Cougar like me knows how to do all the sexy things that make your toes curl and make you crazy.  Those young hussies don’t know how to take control of your cock like I can. It takes an older more mature woman to cradle that cock between her breasts.

You’ve seen my tits. Right? So, you know these big juicy jugs can handle all of that big throbbing cock you’re swinging between your legs. So, what do say? Do you think you’re ready to upgrade to a full octane MILF like me and go a few rounds with a sexy bitch you can actually take the wheel and take you places you never dreamed were real? Is that a yes? Well, good. Let’s get started. First, turn off your damn cell phone.

I don’t want to hear any beeping noises from those young bitches who are always hitting up your phone trying to do their best version on “sexting”.

No. Turn it off ’cause you’re with a real woman who wants no distractions when I’m handling your cock. Now, strip naked for me, baby, and lay your fine ass on my bed. I’m going to pour hot oil on your tummy. You like that.  Don’t ya? Good! Now how do you like it when I run my hands across your naked oily body? Oh, you like it a lot. Don’t ya? How do you like it when I grab your greasy hairy balls and squeeze them….and slide my tongue up the shaft of your throbbing hard cock and swirl my tongue around that mushroom head? Oh, you like it a lot. Don’t ya. Good! I’m glad you like it because this Cougar is just getting started. Tell those young bitches to BACK OFF. This COUGAR bitch is fucking you tonight.

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