I love the Spring Break season. Miami is filling up with young sexy college kids. Of course, they are all legal and ready for a wild week of debauchery. All these sexy young men and women, every one of them open to as much naughty fun as possible. Therefore, if I set my mind on it, I am that cougar nails college boy lady, bringing out my dirty slut.

All those sexy studs strutting around town is quite a turn on. I am a woman of taste and mostly prefer men with money and class. Like the men, I am meeting during the making of our Reverse GangBang Porn. However, during Spring Break, I am lowering my standards to allow my fun of laying hot young cocks. These are guys I am not dating or even seeing again. Likewise, we are all okay with a one-night stand. Hell, sometimes it is a one hour stand with these boys!

There is nothing like being the cougar nails college boy whore!

It is outrageous fun with no strings attached. Of course, so many of these younger men are lacking in sexual skills. That is why my amazing gifts are so valuable. I can make even a short fling with an inexperienced youngster hot and sexy, allowing us both to cum. It is fun seeing their faces when I am their first MILF.

Consequently, they cum like a fire hydrant, just squirting and squirting. Discovering how fine and tight this MILF pussy is ruining them for those young girls back at school. I hope that they are paying attention and able to take some lessons home with them. I am hoping they are improving their skills and sharing it with the younger partners.

It is always great to choose one that is packing!

On any given day, I am a picky woman when it comes to men. During this time I am the exact opposite of the normal me. These boys are having fun and I want in on that fun. Of course, I am still choosing studs to play with! Not losers that are lost during the wild times. I am in it for the fun cougar nails college boy experience. In other words, I am getting mine too!

You can tell by the way the boys are acting, which ones have some experience or a lot of experience. I am learning that just because one of these studs has the experience, it doesn’t equal quality. They are racking up their list of sexual partners without learning how to please them. It is all about them getting off right now.



That isn’t flying with this MILF!

I am giving them “Pleasing a Woman 101” during our short interludes. They are going to see, with a cougar, they are required to give me pleasure as well. Those young girls aren’t telling them the truth, they don’t satisfy the woman. However, a MILF is not taking that and is happily telling them what they are doing wrong during our naughty cougar nails college boy fun.

It is the same with all my callers during my Latina GFE Phone Sex. I feel I must teach them how to act with this cougar. Treat me with respect, get me off too and we are all good. So many guys call and are abrupt or rude. Don’t call me talking shit and treating me like dirt. I am a fucking Goddess and you are lucky I let you play with me.

Most are quick to adjust their behavior.

So today at the beach, I am seeing tons of sexy studs. I pick one and start flirting with my eyes and body language. He is quick to notice, making sure he is moving closer to me as they are playing with a football. Soon, he is there beside me saying hello. We start chatting and he is a cocky one.

Within no time we are past the pleasantries. He and I are under a pier with very few people around. I am sliding off my bikini as he is pulling down his swim trunks. He is strong and lifting me to fuck me. Oh, I like this! His cock must be at least 8 1/2 inches. As he is sliding in me, see we are being watched by some guys that are not far from us. Neither of us cares and continues to fuck.

Once we are done, he is off to hang out with his friends and I am back on my towel to soak up the sun. It is still early and there are so many guys to play with today. My pussy is open for business!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke