Cosplay Miku Kinksters!

Lately I’ve had a lot of geeky guys approach me and tell me I’d be the perfect Miku cosplayer and I’ve learned that a lot of guys seemed to really have a hard on for the Miku vocaliod so I decided I wanted to test how often I’d get fucked if I indulged in a little cosplay! So there was a kinky little costume party last night so low and behold I dawned that blue wig put them in pig tails and put on Miku’s sexy short skirt and shirt.


I was a magnet for geeky boys, so many people were groping, fondling, and grinding against my ass on the dance floor. I ended up in and out of the upstairs bedrooms the first guy was pretty sexy bending me over a dresser and spreading my pretty little ass cheeks apart to slide his dick right into my tight puckered hole. I’ve never had a guy fuck me so hard or fast and busting in my ass with such a intense orgasm.

The next guy caught me on my way down the stairs and whisked me right upstairs, he just wanted me to wrap my pretty little mouth around his cock and suck on it. He loved tugging on the blue pigtails and fucked my face with such enthusiasm, the only thing that irritated me was when he came he was crying out ‘Miku’ over and over again so I spit his cum out right onto his pants and left him to clean up. I was happy to indulge my oral fixation.

The fuck fest continued everyone wanted to fuck me because I was the ‘Miku’ look alike the guys had always been dying for. At one point a girlfriend and boyfriend couple decided that wanted to play and I was more then happy to oblige. The girlfriend was nice enough to eat the previous guys load right out of my pussy.

I’ve got to say i’ve grown fond of cosplay kinksters and I’ll be dressing up more often. Are you a cosplay kinkster? Ring me up for some nerdy fun!