After the team boarded the Forward Onto Dawn and escaped the destruction of Installation 04B the Slipspace portal which was opened for them cut the ship in half leaving Cortana and Master Chief drifting through space. Cortana knew it could take years before anyone discover the distress signal so John, as she now called him, went into cryosleep.

“I’ll miss you” Cortana said.

“Wake me up… when you need me” John replied as he placed himself in a cryotube. Cortana always felt something stronger for John, always. She chose him to be her companion, and it was for a reason. She saw in him what others didn’t, he was lucky. Now that she was slowly descending into rampancy her feelings toward him could not stay hidden.

Time passed and still no discovery of their signal as they drifted closer towards Requiem. That’s when Cortana did something she didn’t think was possible by an AI. She want it John to feel her, and she knew exactly how to achieve it. She started by slowly constructing a scenario.

“John, you and I are standing right next to each other, your MJOLNIR armor off, looking at earth from the big glass window in Dawn.” She continues on to tell him how much she would love to feel warmth. “So strange” she said. “I’ve never been more eager than to touch you right now.” She then continues describing how the earth looks, and asks if it still feels like home even though it is so far away. “I place my head on your shoulder, you turn towards me and kiss me passionately. Your hands wonder down my body and I tell you to feel me, to caress me as I know you’ve always want it.” Cortana stops for a moment, and now monitors Master Chief’s heartbeat, which is now increasing rapidly. She now knows that even though he might not be able to respond to her, she is causing something in him.

“I kneel right in front of, pulling down your bottoms, and exposing your big cock, and it is just as I imagined it when it gets hard.” Cortana continues. “I will wrap my lips around it, tease the tip, make you groan as you push my head down the shaft and make me take it all in. You push me closer to the big glass window, and my head touches it, and I have nowhere to go. I am pinned on the glass by your cock in my mouth. You start pumping fast, very fast. I can’t take it and start choking on it, and gagging on your big thick cock”. She pauses and monitors Master Chief again, and she knows he is enjoying it. “It wouldn’t stop there John. You pick me up, grabbing my ass and pressing hard against the glass window. You are looking straight at earth, while you push your slobbery cock inside me. In one thrust you manage to make my pussy wet, and with a few more I am on the verge of cumming on your cock.” Cortana once again, monitors John, and it appears as if his heart beat has reached it’s peak and it is now trying to slow down. “Yes John, cum inside me, I love when you fill me up, my big spartan, the only spartan I’ve ever want it.”

After that image of earth is burnt into her, Cortana then so lovingly recounts the history of the galaxy, hoping that John remembers when awaken from cryosleep.

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