Finding young, innocent girls and corrupting them turns me on.

Corrupting young girls is fun. Letting my boyfriend join in is even better. Of course, finding a young one dumb or vulnerable enough is no small task.

I started dressing younger for him and WOW what a difference it made! I put my hair in pigtails, layered on bubblegum colored makeup and wore cute, frilly little ankle socks with my usual six inch heels. The result of my makeover for him had me very sore! My cunt and asshole could barely keep up with the nine inch beast I unleashed in him.

Needing a break, but also needing to keep my man satisfied, I got to thinking. What if I went out and found an actual young thing for him to play with? It got me soaking wet imagining him devouring an innocent, confused, vulnerable, little girl with his thick, long, punishing cock.

I drove to the nearest bus station and waited.

A bus arrived and the passengers scattered into the quiet city night. Soon, just one remained. She was a pretty, young blonde and looked so alone, confused, scared and desperate. The magnitude of running away from home had just dawned on her as she stood there in a strange place with no one around to help her. I made my move.

“Hi, I’m Brooke, what’s your name?” I asked as I slowly walked up to her.

“Caitlin,” she meekly responded.

I placed my hand on her exposed shoulder. She jumped in surprise as our soft skin met. Oh my, I thought, corrupting this one and making her our personal whore was going to be AMAZING.

“Caitlin, it’s okay. You look tired. Why isn’t anyone here to pick you up?” I asked. Caitlin mumbled something about her brother, and I cut her off. “Not to sound creepy but I’ve been watching you since you got off the bus. We both know there’s no brother coming to get you. You are here, alone and broke, aren’t you?”

Tears of shame and fear started pouring down innocent Caitlin’s face.

Droplets of lust started forming in my cunt. She looked pretty young but her developing body told me she was old enough. “Oh, you poor thing, I ran away from home when I was your age, too,” I lied to her. With that she fell into my arms, sobbing. My pussy continued to moisten just thinking about what I was about to introduce her to. “C’mon,” I told her as I led her by the hand, “I’ll take you home with me. You can take a shower, get some clean clothes on and rest up while we figure out what to do about your situation.” This was going to be incredible. Corrupting her was going to be so easy!

I sent my boyfriend a message that just said “Get ready” as I drove Caitlin to our house. He went to our secret room that had an arrangement of whips, ropes and other pleasure tools, as well as a wall of monitors with a camera feed from every room in the house.

Caitlin told me she ran away because her mom caught her with a push up bra and a note from a boy asking her to model it for him. Her mom grounded her and told Caitlin’s sisters what happened. Her sisters told everyone, and the embarrassment forced Caitlin to run away. That was three days ago, and her hair and dirty clothes looked every minute of it.

When we got inside I took her right to the bath to help her clean up.

I wanted to see exactly what we would be working with. I told her to leave her dirty clothes outside the bathroom door so I could wash them. (Yeah right!) I drew a warm bath for her but didn’t leave her a towel to dry herself off with when she was done. She was too dumb or scared to notice. She climbed in the tub as I closed the bathroom door behind her. I quietly locked it from the outside so she wouldn’t be able to wander out before I was ready for her. I threw out her clothes and joined my boyfriend in our secret room.

When I reached my hand between his legs the hardness of his cock assured me that he approved of my chosen girl. Clearly I did well for him. He loved all that he saw on the screen in front of him. Everything about her was exactly what we had talked about; including the long straight blond hair, small just developing tits, wide developed hips on long, thin legs, and an ever so slight dusting of blond hair above her clit.

“Whatever you want, she’s yours,” I whispered in his ear as I nibbled the lobe and stroked his pulsing cock.

“I want to watch you corrupting and humiliating her,” was his reply to me. With that I stripped out of the jeans, sweater, and sensible shoes I wore to lure our dumb little cock socket in. I shimmied into the red corset with black 6 inch stilettos that I knew he loved so much, finishing off with way too much dark eye shadow, rouge, and deep red lipstick. With my tits and ass overflowing I waited outside the bathroom for our innocent, young girl to finish up.

“Brooke, I need a towel” Caitlin called out. I watched her on camera. She was wet from head to toe, arms instinctively covering her budding breasts, legs squeezed tightly together to protect her innocent folds from being seen, she was quite a sight to behold. If only she knew what was in store for her she would never have gotten into my car in the first place.

I entered the bathroom and Caitlin gasped.

“What are you so shy about Caitlin?” I asked. “You ran away from home so you could dress like a cheap whore and get attention from men. Well, here I am your slutty fairy godmother to make all of your wishes come true.” With that I slapped little Caitlin’s creamy white ass and led her by the hair to the next room. I did all of this while smiling at the camera. I knew he was watching my every move and wanted him to know that it was all done just for him.

The slutty spread that awaited my wide eyed runaway was enough to make her stop in her tracks. Crotch less panties, micro miniskirts, push up bras, ripped stockings, big hoop earrings, pigtail holders, boots, stilettos, and pumps – all six inches tall – and makeup to make every inch of her pretty face pop. The color selection looked like something from a 12 year olds first makeup collection. There was neon green, hot pink, bubblegum blue and bright orange. All of them were infused with glitter and sparkles. No womanly reds for her; no, only the kinds of colors that a child might wear. That or the cheapest, most desperate hooker you’ve ever met.

I started by putting Caitlin in six inch hot pink pumps.

“Walk for me” I commanded her. She moved like a newborn deer struggling to stay upright. I aggressively placed my hand on her exposed cunt, not because it excited me, but because I knew it would humiliate her. It was already wet. Caitlin froze as my hand met her innocent, young pussy.

My cunt was on fire knowing how hot this would be making my sexy man that was hiding behind a screen, watching as I began corrupting her with the introduction into a life full of degrading humiliation, and sex so perverse that she would never want to even show her face in public for fear of everyone knowing what she had done and become. We were going to take her innocence. Not just the innocence of her virginity either. By the time we were through with her she would never crave the “normal” relationship that girls her age did.

She would want us to take her roughly in every way possible and even beg us for it when we purposely denied her.

I took Caitlin’s pert little chin in my hand and held her face still in front of mine as I said, “I have one more surprise for you.” “Wha…wha..what is that” she stammered. “My boyfriend,” I started, “who has been watching every minute on camera, is waiting for us.” Tears once more began to pool in her eyes, spilling down her pretty, young, flawless face. Seeing the fear and sadness in her eyes only caused desire to once again flood my entire body in anticipation of what was to come. Now, wouldn’t you like to be a part of corrupting poor little Caitlin with me? Give me a call and let’s finish this story together.


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke