My Niece is Such a Spoiled Little Bitch!

Do you want to help me take her innocence and corrupt the spoiled little bitch? It would be worth it, believe me. Her rich parents have given her everything she has ever wanted. They even paid people off to get her into an Ivy League school. She’s so entitled, it makes me sick. To make things worse, she’s nothing but a tease. She flirts with guys all the time, leads them on, then leaves them with blue balls. In fact, she thinks she’s so much better than every guy that she’s still a virgin.  

Ok, I must admit, my niece is pretty smoking hot. Sometimes I feel like she teases me in her short little skirts and her tight tops that let her full tits spill out. But, that’s what this spoiled little bitch gets off on! She loves to make men and women horny as hell, then not give in. I think her time has come to finally give it up. 

Let’s Do It

My niece finally arrives at my house and you’re there waiting in the bedroom. I make small talk with her but she is starting to wonder why I needed her to come over. She crosses her arms impatiently and smacks her gum loudly. This spoiled little bitch is dressed head to toe in designer clothes. She has on a little white crop top that shows off her tight tummy and a skin-tight red skirt. Her black high heels make her legs and ass look amazing though. I tell her I have a surprise for her in the bedroom. She follows me but I can tell she’s annoyed. 

Once we enter the room, you come out from behind the door and wrap one arm around her tiny waist and your other hand covers her mouth. She screams but the sound is muffled. I tell her to shut up and listen. I tell her her spoiled little bitch ways are done and she’s finally going to give up that pussy. She tries to fight against you but you easily overpower her. 

I warn her that she’ll get hurt if she doesn’t obey us. She nods her head. I think she’s finally realized what a crazy bitch I am and knows there is no way out of this. You spin her around and throw her on the bed. When she falls, her skirt raises up her thighs and we can see she isn’t wearing any panties. 

Time to Fuck

I hold down her arms and you get right between her long legs. You spread them open, revealing her sweet bare little pussy. It looks so good you dive right in and eat her out. She struggles against me and says things like, “Stop, I’m saving myself!” but we ignore her. I’m enjoying watching and even though she’s struggling her moaning is getting louder and more intense. She can’t help it, she starts cumming. That’s when you whip out your huge cock. 

“Tell me you want this big daddy dick,” you tell her. She says it but not with the enthusiasm that I want to hear. I tell her to say it again and again until she’s begging for it. You’re happy with that and slam your cock into her super tight virgin pussy. She screams and you moan loudly as you dip your stick in and out of that sweet spot. You give it to the spoiled little bitch hard and finally blow your load inside her.

It’s done, she’s no longer innocent, just spoiled. 


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