My Sub Tells of How I Came to Control Him

From the moment she said those words, I was her object, her toy to control. Though it was through a phone, I felt like she was breathing down my neck, and I had chills run down my spine as my mind reeled from all the ways I could serve my mistress. “so my little pet called to beg for attention?” I stuttered a high-pitched “yes”. “Yes WHAT?” she calmly asked. “Yes, Mistress Raine.” “that’s a good pet. if I don’t hear you say, mistress, do you know what will happen?” “No, I don’t, what will happen… mistress?” My “mistress” was a little too slow for her as she bent me over the bed. “This,” and her hand came down with a fury, despite my Docker’s and boxers I felt every inch of contact. “I’m sorry, mistress, give me another chance!”


Once we established our ground rules, I immediately was under her control. “Kneel before me,” Mistress said calmly but firmly. I obeyed without a moment’s hesitation. I was swallowed by my sub space; nothing more than an empty shell for the mistress to fill. I was shaking with anticipation, overflowing with desire. She slowly stroked my face, gently caressing my lips. “You’re such a pretty boy,” she whispered in my ear “I’ll try not to bang you up… too bad,” she said, as she reached for the nightstand and grabbed a pair of cuffs.

“What, did you think I was going to let a worthless boy like you touch me?” she said slyly, then chuckled. “Do you think that your pathetic little boy cock would please me?” “No mistress,” I replied evenly.

“Good, because my pleasure is pryed from every whimper you make, every gasp, sigh, every tear, every shudder your pathetic body produces.”

Once I was restrained, with my hands behind my back, she reached into the nightstand producing a bottle of lube, a cock ring and the biggest dildo I’ve ever seen. I stammered, “That’s far too big; I can’t take that!” But I was answered with a laugh, “They all say that, but in the end, your tight little ass is going to be mine.” All I could do was look back as she laughed at me. After all, I was her toy…under her control.

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