Continued Tease and Denial For My Bestie’s Cheating Hubby!

So, it’s been nearly a month of tease and denial for my married fuck toy that got his WIFE pregnant before ME! (aka my best friend. I know, I’m a fucked up little homewrecking slut!). And it’s driving him crazy! Every day he begs to cum for me. Every day I say no. Now I can’t really keep him from jerking off or having sex with HER, but I can deny him what he wants, and what gets him off the hardest. Cumming for ME! His dirty secret mistress who was SUPPOSED to carry his baby right out in the open, in the face of his unknowing wife and everyone else! He knows he fucked up. He knows I won’t give in. But he still begs anyway, and I laugh, because well. It’s funny!

Once or twice a week I let him come over – teasing him with the possibility that I MIGHT let him cum if he visits me. Of course you and I BOTH know better. When I said  he would get nothing but tease and denial from me for the entire 9 months his wife was pregnant? I meant the entire 9 months. You’d think he would know me well enough to know that too, but apparently his cock gets in the way of his brain, and he gets all excited and hurries right on over!

I make him undress completely for me.

I don’t undress at all. He is NOT allowed to touch me in any way, at any time, if he wants my attention to his cock to continue! I lay him down, slather baby oil ALL over my hands, and then go to work on his cock. Oh my GOD – you should see the way it IMMEDIATELY springs to attention with the first touch of my hand! His balls get SO swollen with cum. That big sensitive cock head nearly purple in color from the excitement and continued denial of release. I sip in his anticipation and torment eagerly, enjoying EVERY last second of it.

I stroke slowly. Then faster – more firmly. I start to work that cock, and almost as soon as I start pumping he is moaning and that big hard cock is slobbering it’s precum all over my hands. I can feel his hips start to strain and buck upwards, trying to fuck my hand. Trying to make me use enough pressure and friction so that he can explode and shoot his cum. …and that is when I STOP. Of course he begs and moans, while I laugh and smile and run my hands over my body; spread my legs so he can see my panties beneath my skirt. Anything that I know will make him more tormented and tense. Then I wrap my hand around that aching, cum-filled rod once again and off he goes, moaning and trying to hump my hand.

After a while, I let him work it.

I can feel those balls getting SO tight! SO full of cum. His breathing is coming in harsh, ragged pants, and his cock is sliding furiously through my slippery oiled-up fingers. He says my name, and every muscle tenses up in his body.

That’s when I pull my hand off of his cock, shove it roughly back into his boxers, button his pants, then tell him to get up and go home.

The look on his face is SO wounded that I almost always laugh right in his face. I just can’t help it! I was wounded too, when he ruined my perfect impregnation fantasy by knocking up his fucking wife! But, I don’t feel bad for him. AT ALL. If he’d just worn a condom when he fucked her, like he was supposed to. But… he didn’t, so. tsk tsk tsk. Now tease and denial is all he gets from me until 9 months are up!

I don’t REALLY need a reason to tease and deny YOU – I just like to torment you. 🙂
Call me up, and I’ll give you all the tease and denial action you can stand. Plus a little bit more!

MILF Phone Sex!