Consuming Hunger Gets Satisfied! (Last Call Ep.2)

Anytime I have thought about ‘consuming hunger’,  it’s been starvation or an addiction.  I suppose the latter, applies here too.  A regular caller has shared his consuming hunger with me, and it’s changed my whole point of view!  It’s cannibalism as a sexual fetish!

Now at first, I admit, it was new to me.  But as he explained the intimacy and the power that came from it, I began to understand.  I mean, reducing someone to simple girl-meat is so surreal and intoxicating! But you have to have someone to share the experience with, that’s the intimate part.  It’s not really about the ‘meal’, it’s the hunt and the secret.  And there’s so much creativity involved in the process!  Once you’re past thinking of this girl, bound and crying as a person; it’s incredible!  You start discussing recipes and methods of hunting more!

Did you know there are ways of keeping someone alive, while you cook them?  Not to be cruel, but for flavor!  So it’s enthralling to explore this with my caller!  I guess the indulgence has become my consuming hunger!  I look forward to his calls because I have no idea what’s coming next.  And with the holidays approaching, there will be some interesting opportunities!  The selection process is enticing as well, believe it or not.  Not too young, or they lack meat.  Not too old, or they become tough.  Someone too fit, doesn’t have enough marbling in the meat.  You see?  It’s not a simple thing at all!  It’s nuanced, and  can be a very rich experience.  Obviously it is for fantasy and not reality.  However, there is a real passion for this fetish and I’ve come to respect it.  But, I realize, we all have different tastes!

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