Confessing One Of My True Sex Stories

I bet you are dying to know one of my true sex stories, huh? Well, this one takes place in high school. Now, let me tell you while I was in school I was a huge tease. It was literally one of my past time. I would do it to everyone too even my economics teacher. He was my last victim of my senior year. You ready to read something I’ve never told anyone?

I was about to take my economics AP exam and I asked for some tutoring. My teacher said the only way he would do it is if it was in the library like if that was going to stop me. We met at the library and sat at a table in the back, I picked it since I was there first. Though I was paying attention to everything he was saying I happened to slide my hand by his crotch. He tried to stop me but I wasn’t taking no for an answer. That automatically made me soaking wet so I took his hand and made him slide up my skirt so he could feel how wet I was. As soon as he felt it he stood up and left.

I bet you perverts were expecting more. Well, more did happen but you will have to ask me about it once you call me and tell me your confession. It can be a freaky fetish or fantasy. Maybe a dirty little secret you’ve never told anyone, like mine. Whatever it is, it will get you some free phone sex when you confess it.

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