The sound of my alarm woke me to the fact that it was midnight. Getting up I slipped into a loose black shirt that went down to my knee’s acting like a dress. Heading downstairs and right into the basement (it was fully furnished) I was surprised to see my mother already at work. My step brother’s arms were bound behind his back. My mother had obviously dressed him because he was in a pair of pink frilly panties and a matching bra. Ball gag in mouth and blind fold over his eyes he struggled lightly.

“Luna good that you’ve come, your brothers been rather difficult in accepting his role” My mother told me in such a cheerful manner, I could see the gleam of sadistic pleasure in her eyes. “Your fathers in a heavy sleep upstairs and far enough away that I know he won’t hear us…so I want you to take the ball gag off and if he yells you are to spank him with this paddle” She ordered.

I took the black paddle from her hand and moved over to him taking the ball gag out of his mouth “HEL…” before he could get the whole word out I quickly moved behind him and gave his ass a hard swat effectively earning a cry from him. He opened his mouth to try again and was spanked, this carried on for several more hard swats before my step brother gave up.

“Very good Luna” my mother praised me, I always loved my mothers praise it came with knowing that later I would be spoiled with gifts. my mother did not need to tell me what to do next i’d been watching her for long enough to know how to handle myself. “You will obey your Mistress” I told him. My brother nodded his head as I waved the paddle threateningly in his face.

“I know your secret Jason…I found all the dirty trap porn you’ve been watching” the panicked look in his eyes was priceless at my mothers words “You like watching boys dressed as girls suck big cock don’t you? Turns you on doesn’t it?” She taunted. The blush of humiliation was exquisite and I found myself delighting in it more then I thought I would. “You like wearing those panties mommy bought for you? They’re so frilly and pretty…and that bra makes you so pretty…all your missing is a nice cock in your mouth”

I watched his cock twitch to life and grinned. Mommy handed me a new gag, it had a small little penis on the inside to slide into his mouth. “This will have to do for now” I told him going over and putting the new ball gag in his mouth. The feel of the little cock had my brothers cock throbbing, Jason struggled against the restraints. “Luna watch mommy, I know if Jason likes sucking cock he’ll just love his ass being played with” My mother told me before heading over to him. Pushing him down she forced his ass up into the air.

I watched as my mother coated her finger in lube and toyed with his puckered hole, slowly ever so slowly sliding it into his ass. I watched him struggled shouting through the ballgag but my mother held him in place. She continued to move her finger in and out and soon inserted another. I watched my brothers eyes widen as she hit something “When your fingers inside hook it a little and let them press into his prostate sweetie…it feels really good” She explained and continued.

Jasons body arched and he started to make muffled cried through the gag, my mother ignored it and picked up her pace. Not once did she touch his throbbing cock. When she added a third cock I watched his eyes roll and a load shoot out of his cock all over himself. My mother chuckled in delight. “Look at the mess his little clitty made…come try Luna”

It took a bit for me to be able to bring about the same pleasure on Jason as my mother but through her encouragement and instructions I had finally gotten it, my brother was forced to experience yet another orgasm where his cock was not touched. After that night my brother was more then willing to be used for the training, he embraced the hunger he had for his ass and mouth to be used. For him to be dressed in slutty girl clothing.