As I have said before no one ever says no to me, I always get what I want and I always will. I was blessed with good looks that afforded me the luxury of being a bitch. Since I can remember I was spoiled but one of my favorite gifts was shoes, when my parents split up my father every month would buy me a pair of shoes. The cost was never ever a problem and I knew how to make Daddy feel guilty about not being able to take me away and have me live with him (I never ever told my father the truth which was I preferred my mother over him). The cost never mattered all that mattered was the smile each new pair brought to my face. My father was naturally submissive and had spent years giving into my mothers whims. Eventually though his income did not cut it and my mother found a man with even deeper pockets and that was even more spineless (granted he was a great deal older).

Daddies little girl was putting it lightly because as I grew older I became aware of my fathers little secret….he loved heels, he loved seeing a good pair of heels on a women. The day my father took me to the shoe store during black friday when I was 15 made me completely aware of his love for shoes and feet. I understood now why my mother always had the best shoes and why my father every single night rubbed her feet. I was bold and I wanted to always be the only women in my fathers life so when he saw that women in her shiny red open toed shoes wearing matching red nail polish I had competition. As I mulled over shoe choices I watched my father chat up the lethe women. I was furious as she flirted with my father going as far as to boldly run her heel clad foot up my fathers leg. He was completely and utterly seduced.

She fawned over him and as I came over with my purchases in hand (daddy was smart enough to hand me his credit card) I grasped my fathers hand and smiled at her. “Oh is this your daughter!? Oh how cute!” She gushed and cooed pulling the wool over my fathers eyes. Her disdain towards me was evident in her heavily done up face, I couldn’t help but mull over the thought that she might just wear more make-up then a clown.

“Hey….it’s nice to meet you….daddy we really need to go! Mommy will be mad at you if your late dropping me off” I said smiling at her before tugging on my father. “A-Alright sweetheart j-just a minute” My father stuttered and exchanged numbers with the red heeled witch. We left the store after that, I clutched onto my shoe boxes hurt by our time together being disrupted by that women in her ugly red shoes, they looked hideous on her feet, she was too tan to wear red shoes! My mother looked beautiful in a pair of red heels because her flawless white skin often perfectly blended with her heels. I didn’t say a word to my father the whole drive to my mothers house (her new piggybank purchased it for her once they’d become engaged). Mommy answered the door looking as regal and stone faced as usual. Her ruby red lipstick freshly painted and her lips pursing in displeasure towards my father “Your fucking late you idiot!” She shouted at my father.

I watched my father as he coward from my mothers wrath “Don’t blame daddy mommy, the lady in the store held him up” I told her knowing full well the wrath i’d just brought down on my fathers head. My mother looked at him with such rage “Lady at the store?” Her voice was like ice and venom as she spoke. My father stiffened, my mother shooed me off and I ran up the stairs to watch from the top floor. My bag of shoes beside me.

“Talking to whores infront of our daughter!?”

“N-No she w-w-was really nic…”

“Shut the fuck up I didn’t say you could speak!”


“B-B-But! But what you stuttering idiot!…..Tell me do you like the Heels i’m wearing?” My mothers voice had changed so quickly my father nodded dumbly obviously confused.

“I just bought these last week, isn’t it alluring how the black straps hug my feet? How the wedges show off the softness of my arch? My perfectly dainty toes perfectly painted black?” Her voice was like a rich sensually silky purr as she asked him. My father looked trapped in her spell, utterly and completely helpless as my mother beckoned him to follow her into the kitchen. I quietly moved down the stairs and inched closer curious. I didn’t know then but my mother was giving me my first lesson of using something so simple as the right pair of shoes to gain control.

I watched amazed as my mother seated herself in a chair wiggling her clad foot at my father who instantly dove for them. He placed light affectionate kisses on her feet “I still have the toe rings you bought me” My mother purred to my father delighting him.

“M-May I take off your shoes?” He begged meekly and I watched my mother nod her head. He carefully ran his hands over her feet caressing each and every strap before removing her wedges and caressing and kissing her toes. It wasn’t long before he was rubbing at her feet and ankles while sucking on each and every toe. His tongue sliding between each toe sensually. I listened with baited breath as my father unzipped his pants.

“Stroke your cock while sucking on each toe….your not allowed to cum until you get to my very last dainty digit” My mother purred to him, thats when she noticed me. Her eyes meeting me own and a knowing smile coming to her face. ‘watch’ she mouthed to me. I watched my father suck each one and when he came he came on her foot. My mother ordering him to lick it up and he did just that.

Each time I buy a new pair of shoes I think about that day, the day my mother began to teach me the ultimate power a women has over a man, how even the smallest thing like a pair of shoes can leave men unable to ever leave a women’s web of seduction,power, and control. My mothers words echo in my head to this very day

“Luna my child you’ve been gifted with my beauty and grace. Mommy has another gift for you….the knowledge and power to own a man. Use it wisely and you can be a Bitch and still get your cake and eat it whenever you want”