Confessions, Open Up to Me

Confessions phone sex is so interesting because everyone has a naughty, dirty little secret.  Everyone as something or somethings that they do not feel comfortable sharing with just anyone.  Sometime, you just want to share your confession with a complete stranger, and that’s okay too.  I pride myself of being one hundred percent non judgmental and I have some pretty fucked up and wild things of my own I can share and confess to you as well.

I think the number one thing people confess to me is their incest fantasies.  Guys love being a mommy’s boy, but they also love those sexy little sisters too!  Taboo calls are my specialty and I am far from shy when it comes to sitting my baby boy on my lap and giving him the mommy treatment.  I also love to play anything from innocent virgin little sister, to wild kinky older sister.  Everyone knows incest is wrong… But that’s what makes the fantasy so much more fun!

The second most common confessions I hear are guys who ant to try out a little ass play.

 I know I know, there is a stigma that it will make you gay, but that’s bullshit.  You know what it really makes you… It make a human who discovered a hole that feels amazing.  Nothing to be ashamed of there if you ask me, but feel free to confess your desire openly.  Now, If you want a guy to bend you over and pound your ass with his big fat cock, that makes you at least bi sexual, which is also fine.

 Experimenting is the spice of life and I want to try all the flavors!  Confessing those devious desires is the only way to ease you mind and make those fantasies come true.  Let me be your guide and help you admit and discover what you have really been wanting now!

Let’s Phone Sex Chat about your deepest secrets!