I don’t do any repair work anymore because of my shoulder so when the ceiling fan in the den started clinking I called one of those handyman guys. The appointment was made. The night before, Angel and I were just feeling each other up in bed. Of course, I moved the conversation to me watching her fuck another guy.

She has fucked a few guys for me with no problems but she’s kind of picky. So I told her about the fan guy coming tomorrow and she promised if he was fuckable she would “think” about it when she saw him.

He arrived little after Noon – it was hot and the when the guy rang he looked like he could use something cool so I offered him a drink while he set up working on the fan. My wife kind of poked her head into the den door and gave me a thumbs up. I just nodded back. She vanished.

The fan guy got up on his ladder and fooled around with the wires until “bam” the fan began to work. He got down and sat in a chair writing out the invoice. My wife floats in wearing not much of anything except a flimsy tie top and a pair of very large size shorts.

She said “hi” to the guy and sat down on the floor under fan pretending to enjoy the breeze. We both could see her pussy very plainly. The guy had a problem writing the invoice and looking at my wife’s pussy.

I offered him another cool drink leaving him along in the den with the wife. I could watch from the kitchen as they chatted. She had moved closer to him on the carpet with her legs apart leaning back on her elblows.

As I came my wife said “I think I’m making him nervous.”
Referring to the fan guy. I gave him the drink and told him to relax saying “My wife loves company.”

We sat there chatting as my wife inched closer to the guy, finally standing up and inviting him over to the couch “where it was cooler”. He didn’t hesitate.

There I was sitting in my chair with my wife casually chatting and touching his thigh every now and then. I excused myself to leave the room again.

When I returned they were kissing. He had both tits out and she was feeling his cock thru his pants. That was enough for me. I stood up and quietly said, “I think if you guys want to fuck you should hit the bedroom.” I then left them alone to step out on the patio. I could feel them moving past me in the house. I waited a few minutes. I got inside the house and went to our bedroom.

When I arrived the guy was naked on his back with a pretty nice size erection. They were both naked. I stood by the closet and kind of watched around the corner.

She was sucking his cock while playing with his balls. She loved balls. After a bit she leaned around, lifting up is balls and began to lick and suck under his nuts. I had such a fucking hard-on.

There were periods where she would sit on his cock and then he would flip her over and fuck her with her legs wide apart – very whorey – then at one point he stopped fucking her and began eating her pussy. She loved that. I wasn’t expecting anything “wild” but before I knew it the guy had turned my wife over on her side and he was French kissing her asshole. He had both ass cheeks spread wide apart and as I moved close to see he was literally French kissing my wife’s asshole. I had never so hot.

After an exhausting period of time he looked up at me and said “I don’t know what to do next to your wife, man. I just want to eat her up.”

There was a little light laughter. My wife loved to talk to me when she was fucking so she began “Do you want to see your wife lick his balls? Do you?”

I know I must have oozed a little cum in response to her question. She kept it up, “How would you like to see him fuck your wife in the ass? Would you like to watch him fuck your wife in the asshole?”

I simply nodded. She leaned over to the night table and took out some lube. She told the guy to lay on his back. She began to slowly lube up his very hard erection saying to me “He’s going to stick this big cock deep inside your wife’s asshole and you’re going to watch him.”

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Again I simply nodded. It was so fucking hot being talked to I could hardly stand it.

She told the guy, “I want to feel this cock inside my ass. I want to feel you shove it as deep into my asshole as you can. Got it?”

The guy nodded. My wife got on her stomach. The fan guy mounted her and he started to find her asshole with the head of his cock. I enjoyed every second. Finally the head of his cock found the opening to her asshole. He slowly started pushing his cock into my wife’s asshole.

“Jeez his cock feels good in my ass. Do you like watching your wife being a fucking whore? Do you like that?”

She spoke to me in not quite a whisper looking up from her position on her stomach. I watched as he slowly shoved his cock deeper and deeper into her belly. She would grunt every now and then and raise up her ass to meet his thrusts.

The fucking became energetic. He was fucking her like a mad man – jamming his cock deep with short thrusts like he was trying to break down a door.

My wife was very vocal to his jamming saying “Let me feel that cock. Let me feel your cock in my ass. Fuck my ass.”

The fucked for over an hour. I could wait until he would leave so I could have my share of my wife. He finally showered and left. I closed the side door to the driveway and found my wife laying quietly in bed.

“You really fucked like a whore today. It was wonderful,” I told her.

She held up her arms to me saying, “Fuck your whore. I love being your whore. My pussy and ass are filled with cum for you to suck.”

I dumped my clothes. I couldn’t wait to lick her pussy dry. It was salty and kind of slimy but exciting. After I cleaned her pussy and slow-fucked her ass. It was nice and loose and very slippery.

What a great fucking day. Got the fan fixed and watched my wife being a whore.”