BBC Rape

So I know I’ve told all you BBC lovers about my first experience. But I have a confession to make. My first experience was actually rape. I was much younger but it sure gave me quite the obsession. Don’t we all love a good BBC? I do and I know lots of you naughty boys out there love to hear about it and some love to experience it.

Are you surprised my first experience was rape? Some of you probably aren’t. You can understand why I wouldn’t want people to find out though right? It’s pretty taboo…I got raped and then became obsessed with BBC?? I mean I guess it kind of explains a lot.

Was actually at my boyfriend(at the time)’s house. He and a bunch of friends were playing video games and I noticed his one friend seemed to pay me a lot of attention. He sat next to me and he stopped playing games so we could hang out. Definitely wasn’t normal teenage boy behavior.

Anyway as the night wore on more and more of the boys fell asleep. I shouldn’t have been there so late but I was having a nice time. He asked me to go out on the balcony of the apartment with him so we didn’t disturb anyone sleeping and I obliged.

As we were talking outside he inched closer and closer to me. I kind of liked the attention. He was a big strapping football player with abs to die for. You know the type and his dark skin was gorgeous. He was gorgeous. My petite body didn’t stand a chance.

Before I knew what was happening he forced his mouth against mine. My boyfriend was right inside wth? I tried to push him away but it was no use. I was in his trap. Stuck against him. He would do things to me I never experienced. I fought him but I secretly wanted it…bad. Call me so I can tell you the whole story, every juicy detail. I know it’s taboo but go on…tell me you don’t like it;)

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