Confession with Brooke: Confess Your Naughty Sins

Growing up as a good little Catholic school girl I had to go to confession every Sunday. The older I got the harder confession was for me. I know it is supposed to be a place to confess your sins with no judgment, be given penance, and pray for forgiveness, but really…how am I supposed to tell my priest, that I see almost every day, that just a few days ago my face was buried in my best friend’s pussy?! We all have naughty thoughts, things that we have done that we just can’t tell anyone and even things that are being planned as we speak that we just want to tell someone!

Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell just anyone that you fucked your neighbor’s wife while yours was out shopping, or that you cum so fucking hard when you jack off with a toy deep in your ass. This isn’t even something you would want to tell your therapist. Well, that is, until now. My phone line is your naughty confessional.

For years you have held things in, knowing damn well that if it got out that you would be harshly judged. Even if you wouldn’t be, you still have that dreadful feeling that you would. Holding all of those secrets inside is not good for you. You know you need to let it out and now you have a place to do that.

So, what is your naughty secret? Did you fuck your cousin when you were a teenager? Or maybe you are a teacher and let one of your students suck you off for a better grade?

Those kinks that you have hidden in the recess of your mind, that you continue to push back again and again because you think they are so wrong…guess what baby…THEY AREN’T! There are so many people in the same boat as you! There isn’t a naughty, nasty thing in your head that someone else hasn’t already tried or is into. You are not weird or crazy. Let my sexy sultry voice put your worries at ease.

Confession is about letting things out and repenting. Don’t think you get off the hook easily by using me to confess. I’m going to make you repent! It may not be very traditional, but your sacrifice is my gain. I ask only that you shoot one hell of a load for me. I want to know just how much these naughty sins turn you on! We may role play out some of your naughty fantasies just so you know how good it feels to have someone else in on it with you, or I could walk you through exactly how those kinky fetishes work and what I would be doing to you with them in mind.

When you feel like there is no one to talk to who would understand the things going through your head, give me a call. Not only will you get a huge “load” off of your mind, but you may just get to hear some of my own naughty confessions. My sexy voice will be the therapy you need to ease your mind. Give me a call and let our sessions begin!

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