I’m Chris, a friend of Fallon’s, telling her, and you how I confessed lust to my co-worker Tiana.

I had no choice when it came to my confessed lust with Tiana…but I’ll back up a few years. I met Sara 5 years ago, and I love her completely. She’s a fucking knock out, with her long blonde hair, blue eyes, exquisite body…not to mention her big tits. She drives my cock crazy, always has, Sara’s a freak in the sheets! We met at a pool party, which ended in a drunken/stoned haze of us fucking for 2 days straight. Sara’s a sexy little stoner, metal head, haha, she fucking kicks ass. Which is why I asked her to marry me 4 years ago, she accepted the ring! With that said, my perfect fucking life changed a year after our engagement. I work for a Fortune 500 company, with a lot of responsibilities on my shoulders.

Fuck me, she had a look and personality that rocked my mind and cock in all sorts of perverted ways.

I’m 33 years old, 6’4″, dark brown hair, trimmed facial hair, with a toned physique. I also have a 9″ thick dick, making a lot of women cum. For this reason, I’ve always been confident around gorgeous ladies. Tiana has a unique beauty about her. Long straight black hair, with these aqua colored eyes that burned deep into my soul. Her body was bangin’, we both worked out at our companies fitness center. She’d wear the tight yoga pants that wrapped around her perfect heart shaped ass. I’d watch her tight body work out, her black sports bra snug tight around her perfect C tits bouncing around. I know she was trying to get my dick hard. She’d smirk at me, licking her lips. What the fuck was I thinking?

My fiance was a hot as hell blonde bombshell, with the sex drive of a nympho!

So the next best thing in my perverse, horny mind, jerking off on her office chair. I know, writing that down sounds pretty fucking insane. But in my defense, she was teasing me in her tight pencil skirts, low cut silk blouses. With those black sheer stockings hugging her sexy legs. She was a total shoe whore, which is a huge turn on for me. Always wearing a new pair of stilettos, dangling them off of her size 7 feet. I wanted her silky stocking covered foot stroking my cock with her tits out while she takes notes. This is an example of my daily thoughts.  I had an important meeting one morning, arrived at the office a few hours before everyone else. Sitting at my desk, I notice her hoodie was hanging off her cloth covered office chair.

Instead of getting back to work, I whipped my dick out and started stroking.

Of course, my mind was racing, wanting to know what was on her desk. I decided to take a look while jerking off. I opened her bottom drawer, it was deep and full of her things. Sifting through her belongings, I found yoga pants that smelled like her. Ahhh, I put them up to my nose, sucking in her scent. My cock was rock hard, throbbing for more of Tiana. While wrapping her black yoga pants around my cock, her panties fell out of them. My heart stopped beating for a quick minute. MOTHERFUCKING JACKPOT! I slide her sweet purple panties up to my nose and mouth, inhaling like I’m sucking up some liquid gold! Indeed she was intoxicating, shit fire, I couldn’t contain my self. As a matter of fact, I forgot where I was.

Insanely consumed at the moment, not realizing my confessed lust was right around the corner.

On the positive side, my dicks have never been more turned on. On the negative side, Tiana was hiding in a perfect position to videotape me. Surprisingly, my sexy assistant has an evil, sinister side to her! She’s watching me jerk off over her chair, stroking hard with her yoga pants while sucking on the crotch of her purple panties. I was fucking hungry too,  All I wanted was to devour her luscious pussy juices, which perked up my taste buds. After 5 minutes of watching and videotaping me, did she make herself known? I was fucking stunned, deer in headlights kind of reaction. I saw her, yet still continued to stroke my pounding hard cock at her chair. Tiana’s holding up her phone as she yells, “Chris, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?”

I’ve never heard this side of her, she sounded evil…like she wanted to cut my dick off. That, of course, turned me on even more.

Tiana grabbed ahold of my dick, clawing her long red nails into my shaft. I looked straight into the camera, without hesitation as I confessed lust to her and only her! After this, I blew my load all over her cloth covered office chair. Her eyes were daggers, stabbing my dick at this point. Tiana told me to drop to my fucking knees, insisting I clean up the mess I made on her chair. Fuck, I wasn’t into all that. But she slapped me up against my ass while filming, demanding I suck up my jizz, or else, she’ll tell my fiancé Sara. She shouts, “you fucking pervert, how long have you been cumming all over my shit asshole?” I plead with her this is my first time, it honestly was! Unfortunately, she wasn’t buying it, and the video of confessed lust will haunt me.

Read what Tiana had in store for your perverted jerk off Chris next week.

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