Confess it! You know there is a secret you have, it’s just so dirty to admit. We all have our secrets. Even I do!

My stepfather and I were always close until I started to blossom into a sexy teen. When my huge tits came in my father had a hard time not noticing. My mother would often tell me to put on a bra, but I was growing so fast they didn’t last long. I needed new bra’s often. Confess You Wanna Fuck Me!

I hated wearing my bra when my mother wasn’t around I would go without one. One afternoon I was hot and tossed on my fav thin white tanktop and a pair of tight short shorts. I was sipping a very cold glass of water when my stepfather walked in and openly stared at my huge tits.

Curious, I set out to see what he would do if I teased him without using obvious wordage. I commented on how hot it was and I needed to cool down. Grabbing an ice cube out of the freezer, I rubbed it over my neck and chest. My nipples hardened to tight little buds. Of course, he was looking!

“Aren’t you hot?” I asked him. He was in a full suit and I bet he was warm but not from the temperature outdoors. An obvious hard-on gave way that he was hot for me! Couldn’t help myself, Smiling, I grabbed the tip of his hard-on and squeezed it.

“I know you want me, it’s okay I won’t tell.” I said seductively. he visibly held his breath as I undid his pants and sank to my knees. My tongue snaked out and licked around the head of his cock. I could feel him pulsing in my mouth. After I soaked his cock in my spit, he roughly yanked me up and brought me to his room and tossed me on the bed.

“Alright! I confess I’ve been dying to fuck you for a while now. Since you got your huge tits and have been flaunting them, I couldn’t keep the thoughts of fucking you off my mind!” He said. In a snap I was naked and his mouth covered every spot on my body. His mouth tongue fucked my tight pussy and then my ass. Moaning like the little slut I was became too much.

He jammed his cock in my sloppy wet pussy and fucked me until my body shook with an intense orgasm. Pulling out, he jerked off onto my huge tits. He and I hooked up often until mom caught us…I tell you about it sometime.

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