Cum Fetish,

Cum fetish, cum addiction. That’s what Roxy has. This fetish of mine sometimes gets in the way of everyday life. But you sure don’t mind, do you? Those times where I just haven’t been able to help my urges! Unzipping those pants and helping myself to a cream filled cock. I truly am an addict. Wanting it anywhere and any time of the day or night. Bring me my treat babe. I’m ready to feed again.

Worshiping your cock in ways no one else has ever done definitely drives you crazy. Cock games are what your sexy sinful slutty girl loves to do with you. Using my tongue like a wicked serpent, making you beg me never to stop.  Of course, I won’t, until every last drop has been ingested by me.

Cum Slut

And your dick isn’t the only thing that gets played with to satisfy my cum fetish. Those nut sacks which contain that protein shake I want feels so good dipped in my mouth. Massaging them with Roxy’s hot mouth, as my pretty hands work your shaft. Don’t worry about making a mess babe. I love every drizzle and will pump that cock to get more. This mouth was molded for a dick. In fact, when this mouth is really craving batter it will take two at a time.

The favorite position? Down on these knees of course. Praying to the cum gods to give my mouth bigger loads each and every time. Making you edge so that first shot of cum cream I get will bounce off the back of my throat. Shove it all the way in, hold it, and let Roxy feed. Do you have a load for me? Your cum slut is waiting! Cum fills my mouth with your sperm shake tonight.

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