I love hearing guys deep dark sexual confessions. I get turned on while they nervously tell me their naughty sins. I am a great listener and I can keep secrets.

Tell me about the time you pulled out your cock in the park or how you are obsessed with big black cock. How about the time you fingered your sister?

I want to hear how you came inside your Mom’s panty drawer. How you secretly love to wear women’s panties, or maybe you like to jerk off watching My Little Pony cartoons…

Confessions turn me on so much.



Here is a hot confession:
“My best friend and I like to watch my wife getting dressed. She doesn’t know we are standing outside her bedroom window in the dark watching her through the blinds. She looks great and he gets a little crazy watching her. I think it is cool that we are sharing her; at least visually.” mmmm, yes, tell me more. Do you pull it out and stroke it while you are standing there with your best friend?

Once I hear the confession I might make you hold off on releasing that big load of man goo. I know you are hard and have been stroking it but I want you to repent and maybe I’ll make you say a few hail mary’s before you release that huge warm cum for me.

What do you want to confess to me? Let it out and start the new year off with no regrets!
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