I’m A Completely Customizable Sex Toy Girlfriend. Happy Holi-daze!

Yes! I’m a completely customizable sex toy girlfriend. Let’s just say this year is your jackpot, winning year! This year, Santa Claus is cumming to town and he’s bringing ME with him! You’ve been hoping and wishing and praying for just this type of unimaginable present from the big guy and now I’m here! With only a few days left before the Holidays are upon us, I need you to sit quietly at work or home and just imagine the perfect completely customizable sex toy girlfriend. Welcome to the phone sex kingdom. The naughtiest place on Earth!

If you could make me over into just the right woman to fulfill all of your needs, mental, sexual and spiritual. I bet you would. Then, you just wish to GOD to have me appear. Well, the first question might be, ‘How good have you been?’ Or, maybe how HARD have you worked to have your fantasies fulfilled? Are you a lazy boy kind of lover and maybe just need to be a pillow prince and have me do it all for you?

Or, maybe you’re the type who loves to control the scenario with me as your faithful submissive?

I know how to give my master exactly what he wants, and I never interrupt him. And starting today and leading up to Christmas Day, I’ll be delivering the naughtiest days of Christmas ever! First cums greeting him naked at the front door holding his favorite libation and a smile to end all smiles. I cast my eyes down (as any good completely customizable sex toy girlfriend would do!) and lowered myself to my knees for a mind-bending blow job. Next, comes relaxing him after a tough day ruling the world. I get him into the massage room where his favorite aromas alight his senses further. The candles are lit in a moody way that accentuates everything he wants.

As I said, I’m his cumpletely customizable sex toy girlfriend, so I make it my business to know what he needs. Delivering sweet kisses along his ass, back, then neck as I give him the deep massage from his ankles up to his neck. I’ve oiled my own naked body to glide my tits all the way up too.

A completely customizable sex toy girlfriend is ready for anything!

I licked all the way back down and I spread his ass cheeks for a sloppy wet kiss! I dug in until I felt the love bump inside marked ‘prostate” and flicked my tongue over it. THERE was the delicious sound of him squealing like a little girl! I live for those moments. Next, I sucked his swollen balls into my mouth, then up the cord along the back of his meaty shaft. I swallowed him in ways he’d never had before. Oh, but I didn’t stop there Darlings. I tongued his ass until he dripped pre-cum for me. Of course, I lapped it up like a hungry dog. That was right before I flipped him over to start the process all over again. A completely customizable sex toy girlfriend knows what her master wants every second of the day.

The final, or coup de grace, as I say, was begging him to put that fat fuck stick deep in my nearly virginal ass. Yup! I go all out for him and nothing is too big (ahem. lol) to ask of me. After all, I’m the toy, remember? So, all things being equal, And him letting me do my best work on him, he gently took my long hair in his most capable hands, balled his fingers into a fist, gave it a tug, then buried the length of his beautiful cock straight into my waiting pussy! Ouch! What a delightful pain to have right before the holiday!

He drove that cock home like Santa HIMSELF! Oooh.

I don’t know what made me so sex-crazed. Maybe it’s the holidays, or maybe it’s that divine cock he’s working with, but I totally forgot who was the sex toy and who was the master. Turns out he loves giving the reigns over to me too! Well, look at this! Somehow, I managed to cram all of the naughty days of Christmas into 2 days. I work hard at pleasing. It’s my thing. You’ll know too when you call me! In fact, I am every bit a completely customizable sex toy girlfriend. And it beats the fuck out of your random private library masturbation sex. Right? Cum on and get yourself printed on the Naughty List with me. Happy Holi-daze, Sexy!

Kiss, kiss.

JoeyCompletely customizable sex toy girlfriend