The Complete List of Fetishes- Fetish Encyclopedia Volume II

List Of Fetishes – Volume II  #11-20

Welcome to Volume II of our journey of   recognizing all 103 kinky fetishes, and remember here at the Kinky Kingdom we have phone sex operators that specialize in every single one.  In this ten-part series, I will define all 103, as well as highlight those that are personal favorites.   Think you have what it takes to indulge me in my kinkiest phone sex fantasies? Daddy stop stroking your cock and pay close attention, please!

11 Attraction to disability People with one or more physical disabilities.
12 Autagonistophilia Being on stage or on camera*
13 Autassassinophilia Being in life-threatening situations
14 Autoandrophilia A biological female imagining oneself as a male**
15 Autoerotic asphyxiation Self-induced asphyxiation, sometimes to the point of near unconsciousness
16 Autogynephilia A biological male imagining oneself as a female
17 Auto-haemofetishism Bleeding oneself (does not involve ingestion of blood). Type of autovampirism.
18 Autonepiophilia The image of one’s self in the form of an infant.
19 Autopedophilia The image of one’s self in the form of a child.***
20 Autoplushophilia The image of one’s self in the form of a plush or anthropomorphized animal.


List Of Fetishes that Cream my Panties

* Autagonistophilia – I love making kinky sex videos. I love masturbating to my own videos. Need I say more?

** Autoandrophilia – Is it weird that when watching porn I imagine it’s my cock going in and out warm wet pussy.  I bet it must feel good to be deep inside a good pussy.

*** Autopedophilia –  I love pretending to be Daddy’s Little girl. I had no idea that was actually a fetish.  When is Daddy going to call me so we can discuss this in greater detail?


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