Community Wife

I think every guy has that one friend with the irresistibly sexy wife.  Now, imagine if he was up for sharing that sexy piece of ass with all his friends.  He knows how fucking hot she is and he knows everyone else knows too.  You can’t keep your eyes off her and the way your cock throbs is hard to hide.  I bet it even turns him on.

Let’s say that sexy wife is yours.  You know how hard it is to not look at other women so she must be checking out other men too, right?  Of course, she is!  She is dying to spice things up and be passed around like a dirty fucking slut.  She is hungry for her holes to stuffed and for you watch every second of it.  The fact that it turns you on so much makes her knees weak and her pussy wet.

She comes home late from her usual girls night out, dressed oddly slutty, and incredibly horny.  Your curious what has gotten into her.  She climbs into bed and immediately begins to have her way with you.  She spreads her legs and demands you lick her pussy.  She’s her usual sweet taste but there is another taste that is not so familiar.  You hear her giggle just as you notice the hickeys on her thighs.  She tells you she had a great night with your best friend, Bobby, and she can’t wait for him to fuck her again.   You should be jealous, but instead, you are more turned on than you have ever been before.

The next weekend is no different.

 She comes home in her slutty fucking clothes, only this time you notice her nails and hair are done too.  She takes you to the bedroom and, again, demands you lick her pussy.  That taste is back and she giggles again.  “Kyle was amazing tonight”, she says.  That sweet innocent wife is now a dirty whore and you love every bit of it.  She’s not just your wife, she’s the community wife!

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