Love foot fetish?  Well, the weather is getting warm and I am starting to break out all of my favorite sandals and flip flops. It is a sight that would make and foot fetish pervert erupt right in the front of his khakis on his way to work. Walking down the street, my long legs taking wide strides as my hips sway back and forth, is something I loved. I noticed him following me, could hear the shutter clicking on his smart phone camera. Smelling his testosterone building in his balls, I stared at them. Tis the season for foot worship. I was very used to it however.

Foot Fetish Phone Sex Princess 

I turned around and he froze as if he was was a statue. It made me give him a sort of menacing grin from ear to ear. His forehead was sweaty and he was sporting a good sized pop tent in the front of his pants. I told him, he could either keep taking pictures of my sexy feet, or I could give him the experience that he has been dreaming of. Of course like a dog salivating over a bone, he was ready to go where ever I might lead him. In this case that would be back to my apartment so he could worship my perfect piggies. 
I brought him to my room and patted on on the edge of the bed. Laying my feet onto his lap I had him go ahead and remove my shoes, very slowly. He rubbed, sniffed, and licked my tootsies the entire time. He was in foot fetish heaven, and that was something that I was okay with. I had him pull out his cock and stuck it between the tender tissue of my instep too. He moaned out as I pleasured his stiff rod with a hot sensual foot job. The perfect memory for any lover of feet!
 Foot Fetish