Come and Clean Me Toilet Pet

The toilet flushes and you rush to the door.  I have trained you very well.  I hear you tapping so I call for you to come in.  Propping my leg on the toilet seat, I turn my head and smile.  My little pet looks so sweet with his eyes glued to my ass.  I know what he is thinking…

Little pet loves to smell my ass.  He loves it most after I have just used the bathroom.  I can see his pants growing tight and him licking his lips in anticipation.  With just a nod of my head, his permission is granted.  He presses his face against my panties, right in my crease, and inhales deeply.  He lets out a sigh of contention, but I know he wants more.

I demand him to pull off my panties and press his nose on my tight ass hole.  He pushes the tip of his nose in so hard its like he is trying to fuck me with it.  Sniffing my dirty ass was just one of this dirty boy’s favorites.  Now it was time for his real treat.  I spread my butt cheeks and tell him to lick me clean.  He rims my ass, circling my brown hole, and gently slides his tongue inside.  The taste of my shit damn near makes him cum, but I make him stop.  He doesn’t get to anything until I say so.

I’m having so much fun with my perverted pet, I can feel butterflies in my stomach.

 I get the urge to pee and I know he is thirsty.  I think a golden shower will be the icing on the cake for my bitch boy.  He opens his mouth wide as the golden stream showers over his face.  My piss pours out of his mouth, down his chest, and all over his lap.  He rubs my urine into his throbbing cock.  He is begging to cum, begging for release from the pressure in his balls.  His begging turns to full on whining.  He has been a good little pet.  I smile again and allow him to cum.

Bathrooms aren’t just for the usual with Mistress Jamie.  Scat, golden showers, cum showers… It’s all fair game.  What dirty fantasy do you have in mind?

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