College Stories: Awkward Grocery Store Encounter

College Stories are not always hot and sexy, sometimes a guy who looks like he could be worth a lot winds up being disappointing, like this guy I met at the grocery store. I looked at him from the next aisle. He was really hot, older, maybe 45 or 50 and I wanted him. I could see the wedding band on his finger, but knew it would be gone by the time I approached him. It was too, I pulled around the corner of the aisle and sure enough it was. He was putting some pasta into his cart, I could not take my eyes from him, and he was the same way with me. As I “accidentally” bumped into his cart I still acted with nothing but confidence.

He wanted me, but I was not quite sure what I would find in those jeans of his. As I unwrapped a sucker and leaned against the counter as he loaded my groceries onto the conveyor belt. My sexy perfect ass poked out from under my skirt. I could feel his eyes undressing me. He was even sweet enough to load them into my trunk. As I slowly ran my fingers over the front of his pants I thanked him, teasing the tip of his cock with my perfect French manicured fingernails.

He pulled himself closer to me shoving what little cock he had into my hand. I couldn’t help but giggle to myself knowing he thought he was worthy of this pussy. I would let him think all he wanted though, but unless he was going to grow a bunch there was no way I was going near that thing. I know he knew it too. He moved his fingers into the front of my panties and moved them trying to get me to cum.
All I could think about was the way his horny ass was grinding his own cock against my leg out of desperation. Lucky for me thought an even hotter stud came to my rescue. It was the perfect opportunity for this damsel in distress to find a real man to pleasure her cunt with. After he punched the little pee peed boy man in the face he drove me home to make sure I would make it safe and I rewarded him with my sweet cunt on his cock!

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