College sex stories are so much fun to share!

I have the best college sex stories! Being a pretty good student, but I was also one of those crazy college girls too. I had one favorite professor too – His name was Professor Gallet and he was my French professor in my last year at school. I think after I seduced him I was his favorite student too!

I’ll be honest. I did great at foreign languages in high school and college. But I also thought my professor was the hottest man I’d ever seen. I may have stopped by his office hours more often than not, wearing a super a super short skirt and no panties.
One day near the end of the semester I stopped by his office wearing my tiniest skirt without anything on underneath. I sat down across from him asked him questions about my project that I already knew the answer to.

Little did I know he was onto me and ready to play too!

“Willa,” he smiled at me. “I think we both know that you don’t need my help with this assignment. But I could help you with something else!”
He reached out and slid his hand under my skirt. I saw his eyes light up as he slid his middle finger into my wet pussy.
“This is really what you wanted, isn’t it cherie?”
I nodded happily and he finger fucked me until I came so hard. Could see that playing with my wet little hole had gotten him excited too because his cock was bulging against his pants.
I couldn’t wait to feel that hard dick inside my pussy. I undid his button and zipper and pulled his throbbing cock out. He put me on his desk and pushed it deep inside my hot pussy. He fucked me so well and had to put his hands over my mouth so anyone passing by his office didn’t hear me moaning everytime he made me cum.
Needless to say, I got an A in Professor Gallet’s class!
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