This is one of my kinky college sex stories of how I found out my roommate Bianca was a hermaphrodite and how hard it was for me to resist being in bed with her.

I  know you must be a fan of college sex stories.  It’s just as much fun to create college sex stories as it is to hear college sex stories. At the beginning of my fourth year at the university, I was matched up with Bianca as a roommate and this is how it turned into one of my naughty college sex stories. Bianca was very nice, had a well-proportioned body and was about 5 feet 6 inches tall, and those high cheekbones that look so classy, with the slightly hollow cheeks beneath them. Her tits were not huge but they fit her slender frame very well. She always dresses really classy also, constantly well put together unlike most college students.

There was something that intrigued me about Bianca. I was not quite sure what it was but I always felt a little flustered and uneasy around her. I mean I knew I was attracted to her. Throughout college, I dated both genders and fairly enjoyed the pleasures both provided to me. There was just something different about Bianca and it made me nervous to make my move and try to hook up with her.

On one particular evening, I had been out on a date.

I was wearing a white blouse, a black skirt, some sheer black stockings and a pair of 3-inch heels that had a tiny open toe with a spot of red nail polish peeking from each opening. The date didn’t turn into much. He took me out for supper and only talked about how bad the wine was. Then we went to a movie and he talked all the way through it about himself, so I came home early.

Bianca and I had an arrangement, that If either of us is ‘occupied’ with someone we put a little smiley face on our nameplate on the door. There was nothing there, so I unlocked and walked in. To my surprise there Bianca was on her bed, a single dim light turned on, in a red satin nighty that split up the front, black stockings, and red satin 5-inch heels, and she was masturbating. I don’t mean with her finger or a vibrator. She was beating off a cock! And a good sized one at that!

I was shocked and did not know how to react. “I’m so sorry, so sorry,” Bianca cried, as she tried scrambling around to get under the bed cover. I was still so shocked I did not move as I saw her matching satin dressing gown was on the floor and decided to gather up my courage and stumbled over to pick it up.

Holding it up high, over my eyes, I handed it to Bianca.

Bianca started to tear up and began to apologize again and offered to move out if I was really uncomfortable with the fact that she was a hermaphrodite. I sat down next to her and apologized for my stand-offish behavior. I explained to her I just did not know and have never actually met anyone like her in person. Explained to her that I was actually quite curious and started asking her questions about having both genitalia.

She was a little shy about it at first since she has only had bad reactions to her situation her whole life. She explained that she, of course, was born that way and her parents decided to let her choose who she wanted to be when she got older. Then she explained that she has always felt like a woman and nothing pleases her more and makes her feel truly like herself than fashion and high heels. By now she had her head on my breast as my arm was on her shoulder trying to give her some comfort about her secret.

That is when I noticed that her cock started to push against one side of the front of her smooth red robe, and that is when I knew this was going to turn into one of my naughty college sex stories.

I could see in through the opening. It was a beautiful looking cock. I stared at it mesmerized. It was maybe an inch and a quarter wide, the shaft perfectly smooth, shiny and nicely veined. It must have been eight inches long. I wanted to touch it, but instead reached over and fully opened the front of Bianca’s gown and let it come out unhindered. She felt my movement, and sat upright, trying to cover it. The soft fabric brushed against her engorged head and it jerked spasmodically. “I’m sorry,” she said simply, again.

“You don’t need to do that Bianca, It is beautiful. Let it out, I don’t mind at all. It is beautiful isn’t it,” she whispered placing one hand on it, her red nails a lovely counterpoint to the pink shaft and plum colored head. Some kind of a barrier between us had been crossed.  By now I could not hold back I was very aroused and intrigued.

Before she could put it away again, I blurted out, “could I… could I just touch it.”

Bianca looked at me hesitantly, but her erection was still very bold and I don’t think she could have covered it now anyway. She took her hand away. I just touched the tip with my finger and traced my way down the smooth shiny shaft with a red nail, I could feel my underwear getting very wet now. “Oh!” she exclaimed, with a little shudder, as I ran my hand down the shaft.

She began to be more comfortable with me now and relaxed as she dropped the robe. Then eased her shoulder straps down to let her breasts free. I placed my hands under them and lifted them off of her chest. She whimpered softly, and her cock head bulged, its skin even shinier, about to burst. Her tits were perfect for her small body. I eased them back to rest and let her cover them up again. I came closer to her and pulled the short hem of my skirt up and gently took her hand and placed it on my clit, moving her fingers over the lips. She looked surprised at me that I was not wearing any underwear. When I let go she left her hand for a few moments and then withdrew it.

I asked if her pussy got aroused also?

She explained yes it does that it was soaking wet right now. I slowly slid my hand up her thigh and slid 2 fingers right into her slip. She threw her head back and moaned. “You really are wet,” I exclaimed so you are obviously turned on by me. She nodded her head yes and told me men just didn’t do it for her, but woman makes her tremble.

We began kissing as we both now were sure what we both wanted. We spent hours caressing and licking each other’s pussies. I sucked her cock ravishly since I was so turned on by the fact that there was a cock in my mouth and I could look up and see to two beautiful mounds on her chest. She was beautiful and had an amazing cock. How could I resist, how could anyone resist? It was like a nice package all wrapped up together. A present for me and I enjoyed every inch of her body. I could not wait to feel that cock deep inside me. Told Bianca I wanted to feel her in me.

I wanted her to fuck me so hard.

I laid back and spread my legs open giving her a good view of my wanting hole. She lined her cock up with my pussy and thrust deep into me as we were kissing. Oh God, it felt SO good. As her shaft thrashed in and out of my soaking wet pussy I sucked on those rock-hard nipples of hers. We both began to moan uncontrollably until finally we both orgasmed together and fell next to each other with no energy left. Bianca looked over and smiled at me as we drifted off to sleep. That still to this day, has to be the kinkiest thing I’ve ever done and one of my best college sex stories!

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