College sex stories, What really happens in co-ed showers!

College sex stories, What really happens in co-ed showers! When you start college one of the biggest concerns that most young people have is the Co-ed showers. Something about how insecure they are with their own bodies. I know it was exciting for me the first time I ever used a co-ed shower and I didn’t even go to college. Now I may not have gone to college but the guy I was seeing at the time stayed in a co-ed dorm and I was allowed to be there because my gender did not matter.

So one day I was staying overnight in the dorm’s with my sexy boyfriend and we had been at a party a little earlier that night and I was all drunk and sweaty. I needed a shower so I went into the co-ed shower room. The layout of the room reminded me of an episode of Orange is the new black accept instead of pink stalls they were a neutral green. I was alone in the room because it was so late in the evening and all you could hear were the drops of water falling to the floor from the shower head. I got into one of the stalls and turned on the water closing the sheer practically clear shower curtain.

College sex stories, What really happens in co-ed showers!

My head was under the water and I was working the lather of soap out of my hair when I felt someone’s hands touch my tits. I didn’t think much of it because I just assumed my boyfriend had decided to join me. I could feel him rubbing the tip of his throbbing cock against my clit as I stood there with my legs slightly parted. Before I could open my eyes he turned me around and bent me over sliding his cock balls deep inside of me.

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