College Sex Stories are fun and  I tried a new position last night after going home with a hot, horny college boy who’s the star of the football team.

My shoulder hurt a bit but my pussy feels like it got pounded good so I’m not complaining about College Sex Stories, in fact, I’m seeing him again tonight and I expect him to score another touchdown.

We met at a bar and I think the football team was out celebrating because there was about ten of them and they were in a party mood. A few of them hit on me but I went home with Jeff. We made it to the living room where I pushed him down on the couch and sat on his lap.

 I put my hand inside his pants and started stroking his dick as I asked him just how slutty were the cheerleaders at his school. Did he have a lot of College Sex Stories? I bet he’s fucked most of them the cheerleaders. Laughing he said he’d had a few but they weren’t as hot as me.

 He started to get hard and he asked me if I had been a cheerleader. I told him I was in high school and stood up, pushing the coffee table out of the way.

Stripping for him, I started doing a slutty routine. Cheerleaders have the best sex stories.

 I took my dress off while wiggling my hips then showed him how high I could kick my legs up in the air. Jerking off as I slipped my panties off I finished things off by doing the splits. He stared at my bare pussy.  I got back on his lap but he pushed me to the side so he could stand up.

 He shoved his pants down and kicked them off, freeing his rock hard dick. Leaning towards him I was about to blow him when he threw a pillow on the ground. He told me to lie on my back and slide down so my shoulders were on the pillow. I had no idea what he was up to and did it, resting on my shoulders while my legs were still on the couch.

 He grabbed my legs and pushed them toward me. I pulled them close to my chest as he stood over me with my body between his legs.

He squatted down, resting his hands on the backs of my thighs and leaned on me. Lowering his hips he guided his dick into me.

I gasped as it pushed in my pussy and he moaned as he went in deeper. This angle made his dick feel big and he got so close to my clit as he started fucking me. Every time he thrust into me he pressed down on my legs, making my body rock and my pussy rub just right against his dick.

 He grunted as he squeezed my thighs and shoved his dick in and out. Biting my lip I put a hand over my pussy so I could rub a finger over my clit while his dick kept going.

 I felt like I wasn’t in control as he did what he wanted, getting rougher as he got closer to cumming. It was hard to breathe and my back was aching as I laid there folded in half. My crack was wet from pussy juices and my finger moved faster, slipping over my clit. He threw his head back and came while I pressed down on my clit, forcing myself to cum with him.

When he was done he pulled out and I rolled onto my side. I was dazed but excited and I wanted more College Sex Stories so I only gave him a few minutes to recover then took him to the bedroom.

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