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Yup, college girls hot Dirty Sex Stories. He tamed me not by his looks or charms or persona but by the way he carried himself. The package he tried to hide that hide beneath his garments was his cock  that felt like it was in the category of bestiality. It was too huge to be normal one thing I hated and loved the most is that it would hit against my cervix causing a  sharp pain but the part that I grew to admire that after minutes of pounding and drilling it would create a sense of pleasure mixed with pain that would take any woman breathe away.

There was no need for a play toy when you have such a masculine man that can take care of your every sexual need. He made love to mind but sabotage my body. My tight pussy was his ocean that he constantly begged me to drowned himself in my precious fluids. He entertained me with tease and denial licking my cunt then allowing not one or two fingers inside me but allowing his whole fist to enter inside my sensitive entrance around my pussy.

I gasp for air he was snatching my whole soul from my body.

My legs fell weak, they were shaking  to every sensation.  It felt like electricity flowed through my body. He was teaching me what it felt like to really be fucked. This was now hardcore sex for an amateur who  only  was penetrated with one guy before him. This  sex was better beyond what my step  sister and I had tried when we were just college girls bored in  a rundown dorm. With every lick he teased me with my nipples would grew harder as if cold hit them. They were no longer flat but straight and perky I was excited for the next round the round I finally took control of where I would now taste him from his shaft straight to his ball cleaning every inch of him. This was sex therapy for me .

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