This slut may be one of his favorite college girls!

Mr. Reeds made his way down to my cum covered pussy and eagerly slipped his tongue inside me. I couldn’t believe how sexy he looked as he sucked on my sensitive clit. My back was arched, but I couldn’t stay quiet. I needed him to fuck me and use me in every dirty way. He seemed to understand as he quickly slipped my panties all the way off and began rubbing the tip of his dick along my wet slit. His cock easily inched inside me and I could hear I groan of pleasure from Mr. Reeds. I smiled and wondered if he did this with all his college girls. 

I could feel him throbbing inside me as he worked every inch into me and I fucking loved it. He held my legs spread wide and to my chest and began thrusting into me harder and faster. I loved feeling his balls wet in my juices slapping against my asshole. His son had never made me feel so incredibly hungry for cum and I was starting to be thankful he cheated. If he hadn’t I wouldn’t be having hot sex with a sexy older man! When Mr. Reeds wrapped his hand around my throat I knew he wanted to empty that load inside me and I was eager to take it.

His son NEVER fucked me like this…

I took his hand and guided it back to my mouth and started sucking his fingers and moaning around them. I almost melted when I saw the look on his face and I could tell he hadn’t had a fuck like this in a long time. It only made me want him more and he seemed to know this as he pounded my pussy harder. He was ramming every inch of his huge cock inside me and his breath was getting quicker. His cock was buried inside me as he emptied his balls and shot his yummy load deep into my cunt. We both laid there catching our breath and touching each other until we heard a very familiar voice downstairs yell, “Dad, I’m home!”

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