The college girls are back in town and are so hot to look at. You feel like you need a good release to celebrate.

The kids are back in school and everyone is settling into their routines. The college girls you love to look at, have all returned to town. A private adult chat with me is exactly what you need to celebrate. So what can we talk about? Well we can talk about anything we would like. Let me dress up in that naughty school girl outfit that you love. I’ll put on the little white blouse that is just a little bit see-through. Then I’m going to slip into that red plaid skirt that I hemmed to be a little too short, but don’t worry I won’t be wearing any panties. The only thing I will have on underneath my skirt will be a pair of thigh-high socks. While you grab a seat, I’m going to climb onto your lap.

 It doesn’t matter that you have work to get to. I’m going to be worth running late to that meeting. I promise.

Your cock starts throbbing and I can feel it through my skirt when I grind my ass into your lap. I can’t help but be such a tease as I slide down to my knees right in front of you. Your bulge is showing through your pants. Finally, I unzip your pants and out pops your cock like I am unwrapping the perfect gift.

Next, I open my mouth wide and lick my lips as I feel your cock enter my wet mouth. My tongue runs up and down your shaft, greedily licking up all the pre-cum that drips out of that mushroom head too. I love being your naughty girl. Almost as much as I love licking up all of your hot cum. When I hear you whisper and moan my name through the phone, I know we are just getting started. Let me be your perfect fantasy. We are going to explore and bring all of those kinky thoughts of yours to life.

Let’s explore your fantasies with some hot phone sex!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke

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