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The dorms are much better than the sorority houses. First of all, there are fewer rules. Most of the dorms are coed; girls are on one floor, and boys on another. That never stops us from visiting each other in the open showers. College girl shower sex is very common. Not only with Men, but the girls love to play as well. A little lesbian curiosity caught me off guard once or twice. My first time was a complete eye-opener. I hadn’t even kissed a girl in the past, and yet I was ready to get down on my knees in the middle of a community shower and eat pussy.

Friday night in the dorms is always fun. The are drinking, games, and smoking the best stuff. Our resident adviser might seem strict when the parents visit, but the moment we are alone, he is all about partying. He’s the one who usually buys us all the alcohol. I remember when he met my mother and told her he was a good catholic boy and he would make sure we all went to church on Sunday. The next Sunday he was in my room and making me bend over for Jesus. No worries, Mom. I rested my head on the bible and called out to God a few times. That would be the only service I would attend!

College girl shower sex is very common though.

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